Trials HD Game Add-on

Trials HDContent: Trials HD – Big Thrills
Price: 400 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Thrill for more Trials HD! This second DLC for the award-winning Xbox LIVE Arcade game includes 40 all new tracks, including the 10 best user-created tracks from the Big Thrills contest. There are also 3 new achievements you can unlock for 50 more Gamerscore. With more than one million copies sold, it’s time to try Trials and see why this was voted the number one Xbox LIVE Arcade game by Xbox 360 fans just like you!


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  • Anonymous

    Instabuy! Best arcade game ever!


  • I chex mix ho I

    bought! i love this game and for 5 bucks this gives you 40 new tracks, 3 new achievements and 6 new tournaments. i have had the game since it came out and bought the first dlc pack since it came out but if you were able to get it all on sale recently then you know how good the game is. this is also an easy purchase.


  • Radical Dylan

    Other than beating that level while using the Donkey, the achievements aren’t that hard.


  • StabaCadaver

    That’s some very reasonably priced DLC.


  • SumHydroponic

    Sweet just went a picked up a point card just for this. Cannot wait to get back home and download it.


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