Free Kinect Sports and Joyride Game Add-ons coming soon


Both Kinect Sport and Kinect Joyride are getting free game add-ons.


Kinect Joy Ride Chevrolet Car Pack
Starting January 4, 2011, you can get a Chevrolet Camaro, Corvette and Cruze at no cost by downloading new content for “Kinect Joy Ride.” You can choose a color for your new cars – or paint them using the Kinect sensor – and then take them for a spin in any of “Kinect Joy Ride’s” six game modes. You can also use the cars in online races over Xbox LIVE. Beginning January 4, 2011, The Chevrolet cars for Kinect Joy Ride will be able to be unlocked when you select the Chevrolet ad in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace – keep your eye out for it! You can also unlock the Chevrolet cars by visiting



Kinect Sports Party Pack
Available today, the Kinect Sports Party Pack lets you shake your hips and move your feet with six new Mini Games, 15 new Party Play events and three crazy mascots. Content includes:

  • Six exciting new Mini Games: Shake your hips and move your feet with six brand new Mini Games.
    • SuperStriker for Soccer lets you score as many goals as you can and avoid the boots.
    • Pinvaders for Bowling lets you stop the pins before they reach the hazard zone.
    • Rapid Runner for Track & Field lets you run the furthest distance before you run out of time.
    • Target Smash for Table Tennis lets you smash the targets to grab the score.
    • Fruit Splatter for Volleyball lets you hit the fruits while dodging the bombs.
    • King of the Ring for Boxing lets you knockout as many opponents as you can.
  • “Challenge” Feature allows you to track and compete with friends’ Mini Game scores
  • 15 Party Play Events: Increase the variety with new Mini Game Events and new variations of the original Mini Games you already love. 
  • Three new goofy mascots to use in Party Play spice up the game and include:
    • Zippy Zombie
    • Champion Chicken
    • Sportastico
  • 10 achievements worth 250G keep you challenged.

Add the free Kinect Sport Party Pack to your Xbox 360 download queue


  • Grubish360

    This is great for people with these Kinect games! I remember though when it was announced joyride would be free and add ons for it would cost money haha.


  • Mcmax3000

    Nice. I’ll definitely be downloading that Kinect Sports add-on. Was not expecting it to be free.


  • MetalGearFloppy

    How come Kinect sports gets free DLC with achievements, yet when Valve wanted to make L4D DLC free with achievements they were told they had to charge?
    It’s a question that’s been puzzling quite a few people on the forums, so an answer would be appreciated.

    Were Valve fibbing?


  • twisted poke

    Hmm, I was actually wondering the same thing as MetalGearFloppy. Would be nice to hear an explanation but I seriously doubt we get anything from Larry as he seems to usually be too busy tweeting about the weather then actually answering a pertinent question that many folks in the community would like to know.


  • chiruno99

    Atleast it’s not all bad. There’s free dlc. I guess that pads it out with all the major flaws etc.


  • Vulak Aerr

    I’ll throw my two pence in:

    Ubisoft just released a free map for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and a free game mode.
    EA have been consistently releasing new content for Bad Company 2.
    EA also released many free updates for Burnout Paradise.

    Make of that what you will.


  • Grumbledock

    @ MetalGearFloppy
    Yeah, Valve messed with you customers really and blamed MS (who didn’t care).
    MS charges the companies (EA, Valve, Rare) for the storage on live, and bandwith they use for DLC, updates and such. IF you release a content for Free, you pay for the costs, if you charge say 800MS points for the DLC, MS takes a bit of the profit but leaves you with the rest.

    So, Valve didn’t want to pay MS, hence they made the buyer pay, earned a lot on the DLC and could blame MS/make them look like the bad guys, when it really was just Greedy Valve (again).

    Nice, free stuff is a great way to show that you care for your (paying) customers. Will get the joyride DLC at least 🙂


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