Kinect Sports Free Party Pack Game Add-on


Kinect SportsContent: Kinect Sports: Party Pack
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your region 
Dash Text: Shake your hips and move your feet with six brand new Mini Games: SUPER STRIKER, PINVADERS, RAPID RUNNER, TARGET SMASH, FRUIT SPLATTER and KING OF THE RING. Get the Kinect Sports party started with new Party Play games and three additional crazy mascots: ZIPPY ZOMBIE, CHAMPION CHICKEN and SPORTASTICO!


Add the free Party Pack to your Xbox 360 download queue


You’ll need copy of Kinect Sports to use this free content




    Thanks Microsoft for the free add-on pack


  • connor2k

    I love free content


  • Goodeye84

    Very cool.

    My oldest already has started Christmas Vacation. This should provide some more fun for him as he is pretty bored at the moment, and the rest of the family.


  • metallicorphan

    Major-with BBC iPlayer,ITV iPlayer and 4oD(and channel 5 in talks with them as well),and Lovefilm(netflix for the UK) now on the PS3 for free,the PS3 has easily taken over the 360 as the better multimedia console in the UK..any plans to catch up?


  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Gotta love free


  • Boe2

    Every time MS promotes Kinect, God kills a kitten.


  • excommodog

    Kinect is fun, except when i lose my balance and fall into the table. But thanks Xbox!


  • juan cabrera

    Nice! But Major, I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think there should be a way of extending the Party Play time because right now it’s just too darn short…


  • chiruno99

    I’ll die before I buy Kinect.


  • Julio Ernesto

    7.6MB ? Is it only an unlock code?


  • Joergen8

    Most likely it uses game assets already on the disc + 7.6MB of additional content. So perfectly harmless.

    Though companies like EA or Epic hijack the content that already comes with the disc we paid for (VIP codes that expire with one use), not all companies use such criminal methods to manipulate our rights as consumers.


  • HazyCloud

    @ Joergen Let’s also not forget that EA usually makes the title updates over 1gb in size and then sells the DLC as 108kb. If you’re going to make me download the DLC, why should I have to pay for it? Burnout, I’m lookin’ at you.


  • Vulak Aerr

    Thanks! Already downloaded. Should be good at Christmas with the family. 🙂


  • EveofLight

    Downloaded it for when I get the game myself and made sure I put it on my bf’s queue for when he gets on tonight.


  • Mcmax3000

    @HazyCloud Simple: So that people who have the DLC can play with people who don’t have the DLC. The way Burnout: Paradise did it is the way all games should be doing it whenever possible.

    Anything that prevents fracturing of the online community is a good thing.


  • Grumbledock

    Free content is always appreciated even though I don’t have the game.
    Still, it’s a nice gesture 🙂


  • NeoRatt

    I like the free add-ons (with achievements)…

    But one thing, I usually find these add-ons by taking a trip to every week. When you click game add-ons and find the game it usually takes you to the marketing page for big games rather then the page with all the add-ons…


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