LIVE Activity for week of Nov Dec. 6


Xbox 360 Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s)

1     Call of Duty: Black Ops
2     Modern Warfare 2
3     Halo: Reach

4     FIFA Soccer 11

5     Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
6     Madden NFL 11

7     GTA IV
8     NBA 2K11
9     Halo 3

10    Call of Duty: WaW

11    Call of Duty 4
12    Fallout: New Vegas
13    Red Dead Redemption

14    Battlefield: Bad Co. 2
15    Gears of War 2
16    Fable III

17    Forza Motorsport 3
18    NHL 11
19    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
20    FIFA 10


Top Arcade Titles (Full Versions purchased)

1     Pinball FX 2

2     3 on 3 NHL Arcade
4     Trials HD

5     Bomberman Battlefest
6     PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX
7     LIMBO
8     Game Room*
9     Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels
11    Crazy Taxi
12    Plants vs. Zombies
13    Castle Crashers
14    Super Meat Boy
15    Worms 2: Armageddon
16    A Kingdom for Keflings
17    Family Game Night **

19    Sonic Adventure
20    Faery: Legends of Avalon


The above arcade list is based on full versions purchased.
*Combined sales of all Game Room titles

**Combined sales of all Family Game Night titles


Top Indie Games (Full Versions purchased)

1      The Impossible Game Level Pack
2      Epic Dungeon
3      Avatar Paintball
4      Nuclear Wasteland
5      The Impossible Game
6      Get Rich or Die Gaming
7      I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1
8      Sketchy Tower Defense
9      Miner Dig Deep
10     Decimation X3
11     Score Rush
12     Fish Hunter
13     A Madman’s Guide To Happiness
14     Zombie Estate
15     Avatar Racedrome
16     Avatar Drop
17     Baby Maker Extreme
18     Zombie Accountant
19     Decay – Part 1
20     Head Shot 2


Games for Windows Top LIVE Titles (based on UU’s)

1     GTA IV
2     Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
3     F1 2010

4     Colin McRae : Dirt 2 
5     Street Fighter IV 

6     Fallout 3 
7     Resident Evil 5
8     Halo 2
9     Bioshock 2
10    Batman: Arkham Asylum
11    Dead Rising 2
12    Red Faction Guerrilla
13    Blacklight: Tango Down

14    Lost Planet 2
15    Gears of War
16    Viva Piñata
17    Tinker
19    FlatOut UC
19    Quantum of Solace 
20    Battlestations: Pacific


These lists are based on global unique users connected to Xbox Live or in the case of Arcade and Indie Games, full versions purchased during the week. Some content (and therefore the links) may not be available in all Xbox LIVE regions.



  • CMcCon342

    The list makes me sad. Two CoD games above Halo Reach…and Bad Company 2 at #14…where did it all go wrong?


  • Retrospect Hero

    Awesome, Game Room is back in the *uhem* game *BA dum tsh*
    But the selection really stepped up lately with more arcade releases, like with an old favorite food fight


  • juan cabrera

    Need 4 Speed at #19?!? It NEEDS to be higher! Best racing game out there and the multiplayer is unparalleled by any other racer.


  • Thiago123

    Some surprises here. Halo 3 above COD WaW and COD 4 and all 3 above Red Dead, BUT below GTA4. It will be interesting to see if the Vietnam expansion pushes BFBC2 back into the top 10 after next week.

    I hope that AssCreedBroHood remains strong as I’m not getting into the multiplayer until after X-mas!

    Also, can’t wait to see what kind of splash (if any) X-Men and Quake made.


  • SinedX360

    Great for Decimation X3 (#10) & Score Rush (#11 – amazing shmup!) in Indie Games 🙂




  • Apocalypse1309

    @CMcCon342 And yet, your most recently played came is CoD: Black Ops, and Halo:Reach is nowhere to be seen! :-p


  • JoeCool314

    I play my BC2 everyday with friends! Glad I converted over from COD titles. Still can’t believe it’s down so low on the list.


  • chiruno99

    As usual the retail list is #1’d by yadda yadda who cares?
    I’m more interested in the Arcade Titles where the deals influence shoppers if you see the pattern emerging with this posts list and compared to the others. It just goes to show you can complain Microsoft’s “deals” and prices are overpriced (or you’re too poor) but they’re working and that’s all that matters to them. Besides cut them some slack, some years ago there never was a DoTW and they’re not used to it even though they show that.


  • I DLord I

    CoD is the new king it seems. Totally expected Reach to remain on top for some time. I just don’t understand why people are still all over MW2 when Black Ops is just so much more balanced. As the Notorious B.I.G. once said, things done changed.


  • Stryke42

    I love seeing both recent COD games above Halo. It’s hilarious because people think halo is The greatest thing ever.



    Good to see AC:Brotherhood at #5. That game is super awesome and the multiplayer is addicting.


  • HeLLeVeN

    Hoping the BF:BC2 Vietnam DLC will get in at least top 5 in near future live activity. Can’t wait anymoooooooooooore 😛


  • SillyMikey

    4 call of duty games in a top 20. How sad is this list.



    @ SillyMikey: Sad indeed. *sigh*


  • Monhegan

    Good to see Epic Dungeon on the XBLIG list. A great rogue-like dungeon romp! I think I spend at least half of my gaming time on the indies these days. The titles there scratch so many old school gaming itches.
    @SinedX360 – sounds like I need to check out Score Attack.


  • trickybuz93

    people really need to quit playing CoD and play the other, much better FPS’ (Halo Reach and BFBC2)



    ITT-People who play COD, complaining about it being played.


  • chiruno99

    K1NG SPENC3 Quoted for Truth.


  • Stephan1237

    Poor Fable 3 .



    “Halo under CoD 6 & 7” : The Halo series lacks European fans to beat CoDs, as CoDs are more played their. I remember Halo 2 : I was the only one to play it around me at the time, people didn’t care about the MS console, they were Sony-fans and mostly played PES or GTA… It seems that the 360 changed the minds but not enough to beat Sony in Europe (except for UK). I guess CoD’s success is more of a hype/fashion type than of a better quality type but I wouldn’t tell as I never played CoDs other than CoD2 at the time… I hope the next Bungie will be an awesome online multiplayer FPS that will take back the crown (Halo series will never beat CoD as it is an exclusive, and maybe this exclusivity plays against its hype/fashion, PC FPS players add to the hype of the CoDs)…


  • Stephan1237


    I agree with you 100% . There is almost no European stuff in my country. The US and some other countries has . Us has netflix, alot of US-only deals. ESPN and go on. In Holland we only have Twitter and Facebook . Nothing else. Sony is beating Microsoft in Holland and other European Countries.


  • xLoCk 0nx

    @CMCcon342: The moment you decided to play cod black ops and 4 other games in your 5 most recent games, none of which included Halo Reach or Bad Company 2, and you probably haven’t played either of those 2 in the last week…but the new is retarded and won’t let me view your games played history by date.


  • MeS FEAR

    damn…i really love bfbc2 and i love to play it cuz its definitely the best multiplayer-shooter…i can’t understand why ppl like the mp-mode of cod…its so damn boring…visuals are great but the sounds are taken from Amiga 500…i am damn sure battlefield would be on top if it would be so popular like cod…many ppl dont even know it cuz they were playing cod since it came out on pc…so it makes me very sad…i hope the vietnam expansion pack will kick bf out of the hole



    @MeS FEAR
    COD boring…… well I guess maybe so if your referring to cod waw and cod 4, after all they have been out for almost 3 and 4 years. But then again there still played more the BFBC2.


  • The Real Napsta

    Halo 3 is the best FPS on this list, holding strong at 9th.


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