Dead Rising 2: Case West


Price: 800 Microsoft Points

Availability: Check availability for your region

Dash Text: Dive into the zombie-infested world of Dead Rising 2 with this fully-featured, stand-alone game! Chuck Greene, the man framed for the Fortune City outbreak, is fighting for his life. Enter Frank West, a survivor of the Willamette infestation. In order to clear Chuck’s name and get Frank the ammunition he needs to bring Phenotrans down, the two men must infiltrate a remote facility west of Fortune City. Encounter new enemies, discover new weapons, build new combo weapons, and witness terrible secrets as you fight your way through this massive complex in search of the truth.


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  • chiruno99

    Been waiting for you!


  • metallicorphan

    i am going to wait until i have finished Dead Rising 2 and then get this


  • CrazyCake

    I need to get Dead Rising 2 back from one of my friends lol need to finish that game before i get case weest and i still need to get the two achievements in Case Zero to complete the game then Case West is what i’ll be playing for a while.


  • Gonzo345

    800 MSP?

    No thanks, I will wait until DoTW or something else. 400 MSP for Case:Zero was great, but 800? no way


  • sleepydumbdude

    Going to wait on this til I beat Dead Rising 2 unless a friend of mine gets it and wants to play coop.


  • AutomaticOcelot

    Witness terrible secrets!! So good. And I got DR2 for Christmas but I don’t think I’ll wait to get going on this. Damn shame about no local co-op, but I will take more DR however I can get it.
    For anyone looking to buy right away, just navigate back a step through the breadcrumbs. Major only linked the trial as of this writing.
    For anyone that thinks $10 is too much for a DLCquel this long (much more content than Zero), I have mean grinchy words for you that would result in my immediate banning. Zero was priced to sell more copies of DR2, as a game it was worth more than they charged.



    Amen AutomaticOcelot, 800 is still a good deal and nothing to whine about for this DR2 epilogue game, which they easily could have charged 1200 for based on the amount of content in it. The 400 for Case Zero was just a gift to fans and to give the undecided a chance to try out what DR2 was going to be like.


  • Exu

    At 800 they only have to sell half as much anyway. CZero was more an advert for DR2, CWest is for those who actually bought it.
    Besides, it’ll doubtless go on a deal before long, if this Christmas’ deals are anything to go by.
    I loved Case Zero, and I’d have played Dead Rising 2 by now if it wasn’t for Zavvi and Royal Mail being made of dicks, but since some gits spoiled the plot for me already I might just pick this up anyway. Will be giving it a go.


  • Ghostwize


    I thought the plot was pretty nonsensical and a bit of a wash. I was just there to tear some zombies up. I didn’t even really care why lol.


  • The Grim Heaper

    This was damn good, but it ended a little quick… still, I can see myself going through numerous times!


  • nzkiwiwhiteboy

    Been waiting for this,WICKED!!!!


  • A Place for Us

    Double the price of Case Zero! No thanks.


  • TG kolz4ever

    @Gonzo345 Could you save your bs welfare excuses for some other place? All of your poor people that have to rent game and whatever else to play them always use your excuses of why you won’t get the dlc when in fact it’s just that you can’t afford it. Too bad but stop with the lies, they don’t work. No one cares you’re not getting the dlc or why. get a job and maybe prices won’t look too bad then.


  • a1984darkboy

    Irony, I didn’t buy Dead Rising 2 because I enjoyed Case Zero so much. I really felt content. Spending on this seems like a good way to go back to the world of Dead Rising, but in a smaller setting. I really appreciate the more controlled environment. I like open worlds, but eventually I always get back on the beaten path because it turns out there’s way more fun stuff to do on there.

    To me it’s like getting the best of both worlds.


  • MrHaru

    I can never understand the people complaining about $10 games if the actual game is pretty meaty despite being a downloadable.

    I just don’t.


  • The Gh0sts

    does it need a save from DR2 to carry over into Case West?


  • Thief000

    Nope, it does not need a Save from either Dead Rising.
    Small question: When do we get our points from the November event?


  • xxBlitzBurghxx

    Probably get this eventually…..still gotta finish DR2


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