Countdown to 2011: Deal Day 1


Here is the last Xbox LIVE Countdown to 2011 deal;





Xbox LIVE Members can save 33% on Limbo. It is 800 points today only.






Yoda Green Lightsaber



Own Yoda’s green light saber for 200 points today (save 50%)







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  • Black Fist

    Lara Croft GOL at 600MS, that was a deal.
    Hydro Thuder at 400Ms, that was a deal

    This….not that much.
    I´m positive it´s totally worth it, but…no thanks, will buy one day just not today


  • Wookiestick

    Xbox cat approves.


  • ElektroDragon

    800?! I expected better, especially after MNC was 600. And where is the Understone DLC for Fable III? I thought that was supposed to go on sale too this week?!


  • KillercoldXP

    Thanks Major and Microsoft for the deals. I walked away this holiday with a few sweet deals (Hydro Thunder, ME2 DLC, Lara Croft). As usual I find some of your pricing a little “whacky” so to speak but overall I’m not gonna complain. I was hoping for a 600 point Limbo but I guess the game will just have to wait in limbo awhile longer 😉
    Happy New Year!


  • Exu

    Nobody cares about your cat, Wookiestick.
    Someone had to say it.



    I’ll ask again. Why aren’t you guys embarrassed? You should be.


  • Lil STev0

    I got LIMBO, but still can’t shake that nagging feeling that I’ve been ripped for paying $10 for a 4 hour game.


  • tylerh1701

    Having purchased Limbo at 1200, I am starting to enjoy the fact that it was only discounted $5 and nobody is picking it up.


  • Stephan1237

    Thanks Major for the amazing deals. This year was much better then last year


  • chiruno99

    Last years deals were good, the majority being GOOD arcade games like Castle Crashers and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Even though they included a free 2010 premium theme which didn’t work, and did’t offer to fix it accompanied by the most dreadful shade of brown for a semicircle ever. Again Trials HD was also part of this deal, just like it was DoTW three times, Daily Deal in the middle of nowhere and will probably be another deal again.

    With all the great announcements for this year (THE ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM, MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3, gears of war 3 and the rest) I hve a feeling 2011 will be the best year for games yet.

    And thank you again Exu for pointing out the obvious. Even if 9 times out of 10 it’s about your cries with thinking you’re spending more than you want to.


  • Exu

    I don’t follow.


  • stststststq

    “Ok then…then I guess people who are ok with this sale are mindless fools who will do whatever corporations tell them to. Isn’t this fun?” – Thing is, it would be silly of you to say that considering you bought Limbo at 1,200 MS Points. There were deals on 23 games over the deal period. Some of the other games had 33% off as well, but when this one does, all the spoiled little kiddies who can’t afford an extra £1.70 get all upset and start saying they’ll go and spend their money elsewhere. Do that then! LOL. I only need to look at any of your game lists to see how many arcade games you buy, so if you can get better deals elsewhere, stop giving your money to MS and looking like a silly hypocrite.


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