Deal of the week: The New You


It’s a New Year, which means it’s time to give your Xbox LIVE Avatar a make over. This week, Xbox LIVE Gold members can save on the following Avatar items:


Item Normally This Week Savings

Doctor Outfit (male/female)

240 120 50%
Police Officer #2 (male/female) 240 120 50%
Band Hero Mic w/Stand Prop 240 120 50%
Black Tuxeedo (m) 240 120 50%
Valentine Wedding Dress (f) 240 120 50%
The Executioner Outfit -AC Brotherhood (male/female) 400 240 40%
International Collection – Kilt (m) 160 80 50%
International Collection – Flamenco Dress (f) 160 80 50%
Spring – Bunny Outfit (male/female) 240 120 50%



These prices will be available for Xbox LIVE Gold members until Monday January 10th



  • sk00ks

    @Cyrax PT When people come out and defend the weekly deals, they’re not defending Microsoft, they’re generally telling the whiners to shut up because you get thirty people all wanting something different and they moan and moan and moan. We didn’t used to get so many deals so often, maybe they’re not always to everyone’s tastes, maybe they’re still not at a price you’re willing to pay, but at least we do get deals. Crappy deals may happen sometimes on arcade games or DLC but at least that’s generally in the area of what people expect from weekly deals and discounts; none of us bought an Xbox so we could dress up virtual dolls, and that is why no one has stuck up for the deal.


  • Cyrax PT

    Some of them, Skooks, some of them… the others are just the “local” loyal fanboys, it doesn’t if it’s about the weekly deals, the kinect, the price increase of XBL, etc, some complain about MS, the alarm goes off and they come here at full speed…
    Besides, why can’t some people complain? Does it involve you*? No! They have the right to show their opinion about MS relate subject in a place where Microsoft can have some feedback (in this case, MN Blog)! Will it change something? Maybe not, but it’s not for you* to decide…
    *(you = the people that defend weekly deals)


  • tylerh1701

    @cyrax – The same could be said about the reverse. Why can’t some people defend Microsoft and the weekly deal? Does it involve you? No.


  • Cyrax PT

    Lol, are you serious? It’s not the same, they’re just attacking those who are complaining… Does it envolve me? YES!!!! They’re attacking my freedom of expression!
    Want to praise Microsoft and the weekly deal? Go ahead… See anyone attacking those? No. Now, how about those who are just coming with the retarded comments like “spoiled brats” or “whinning”? See the diference? What’s the reasoning beyond that?



    @Cyrax PT

    Beggars can’t be choosers. Period


  • Grumbledock

    Another wonderful deal of the week, I feel sorry for anyone who actually buys the stuff when they can get over 30h quality gameplay over at indie games at 80Ms Points as comparison.
    I also feel sorry for those who feel this strange need to “protect and save” MS from people voicing their opinions, another reason why Ps3 is such a good deal.

    Free themes, games, avatar stuff and such every day of the week, and more added monthly, at least they seem to care about their gaming customers 😛
    Venom Madness, I respect your opinion but your blind faith in MS and need to defend their every deal feels a bit fanatic (see religion), they’re pretty awful deals compared to any other company, even Nintendo, and as long as we let them get away with bad deals they will continue. Complain, suggest improvement and we may get something new and better, or we just sit here tight mouthed and see these avatar stuff along with fusion frenzy at 33% of the rest of the year too 😛


  • a1984darkboy

    You know, I enjoy the Avatars and the whole idea, but the items are way to expensive, they should all only be 80 pts at most. Plus, if it’s gonna be Avatar items, make them cool ones, not a variety selection of career uniforms.


  • Oatmeal25

    Last week I bought full PC games for less than the cost of a digital Tuxedo on Steam.


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