1/2 off popular Activision published content.


From now until January 17th, the following content published by Activision is on sale for 50% off:


Arkadian Warriors Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Assault Heroes Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Assault Heroes 2 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Carcassonne Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Golf: Tee it Up! Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Crash Bandicoot Normally: 1200 Sale: 600

Legend of Spyro Normally: 1200 Sale: 600



Call of Duty 2 Invasion Map Pack Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty 2 Skirmish Map Pack Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Call of Duty 3 Bravo Map Pack Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Call of Duty 3 Valor Map Pack Normally: 400 Sale: 200

Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 1 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 2 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 3 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Call of Duty World at War Map Pack Bundle Normally: 2000 Sale:1000


Guitar Hero 5

Rock 1 Pack Normally: 880 Sale: 440

Megadeth Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Avenged Sevenfold Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Disturbed Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Fall Out Boy Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

Soundgarden Telephantasm Album Normally: 1440 Sale:720

Linkin Park Pack Normally: 960 Sale: 480

Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack Normally: 440 Sale: 220

My Chemical Romance Pack Normally: 600 Sale: 300

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock Pack1 Normally: 1600 Sale: 800


DJ Hero

David Guetta Pack 1 Normally: 640 Sale: 320

Jay-Z vs. Eminem Mix Pack Normally: 640 Sale: 320


DJ Hero 2

Hit Makers Mix Pack Normally: 640 Sale: 320

Electro Hits Mix Pack Normally: 640 Sale: 320

Transformers WFC Map & Character Pack #1 Normally: 800 Sale: 400

Transformers WFC Map & Character Pack #2 Normally: 800 Sale: 400



  • Hugoku

    Weak offers. Hopefully EAs will be better.

    Still, you should get both Assault Heroes if you have not already. Old games but very good.


  • Vegivo

    I will be picking a few of these 😉


  • barbour99

    Nothing for me here. Glad to see it is all 50% off though.

    400 MSP for a COD 2 map pack though?


  • Luminaria

    Carcassonne at 400 MSP is the best deal in the lot.


  • Exu

    Absolutely nothing outstanding. Hardly surprising, but there we go. It’s not a BAD sale, it’s just not that great.
    Still, good if there’s something there for you. Plenty of variety.

    I also heard some Forza car packs have had a stealth discount, I don’t know the specifics on that, but more importantly Outrun OA has had a price cut to 400. That’s the real shining gem out of anything on offer currently.

    You really have to wonder why they’re selling CoD2 and CoD3 map packs at a price higher than zero…


  • Wicket2961

    I was kinda hoping that Call of Duty Classic would be on here. Nevermind.


  • Cyrax PT

    Arkadian Warriors have coop, right? Anyone recommend it? Might pick it up…


  • AndGar

    Not interested in any of the Activision deals. I hope that the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam DLC will be discounted next week. 🙂


  • SirLantis

    Oh, no Spyro in Germany 😦


  • Cyrax PT


    I don’t think so, it’s too soon, maybe the other dlc for the game (kit upgrades, Onslaught,…) and Battlefield 1943!


  • Gambit3rd

    I was expecting VIGILANTE 8… Bad news for me. 😦

    Maybe I’ll take some Assault Warriors… Maybe.

    GIVE US VIGILANTE 8 discounted, Activision! 😀



    I’m gonna get Transformers WFC Map & Character Pack #1,#2 for DJ Hero2!!! Ro…wicky…Ro…Robots in disguise!!


  • twisted poke

    @CYRAX PT, Yes it has coop. I thought the game was pretty good. Nothing groundbreaking but a pretty solid game for five bucks. Definitely worth a look if you are into the hack and slash dungeon type games.


  • RavenousLou

    People, Outrun Online Arcade is half off right now. It was removed from PSN a couple of months ago and Sega announced that it will also be coming down from XBLA in December. This may be your last chance to get it cheap. It’s a great game.


  • Silvercube

    Yep, I recommend Arkadian Warriors! It was great at 800 points. 400 points is awesome. There’s 20 quests, three different characters. It can get a little difficult later on so you’ll have to level-up a bit (max level is 20) co-op is great. The cool thing is the store where you can purchase all sorts of different things and your character special abilities.

    A great time-waster and will keep you busy for awhile. Wish there was a sequel.


  • QualityJeverage

    It’s as if they knew they had to have a sale, so they went through their catalogue and chose everything they knew no-one would want anyway.

    Heaven forbid they offer something worthwhile at a discount!


  • bullka LT


    Zombie Apocalypse and Asault Heoroes are both on sales 🙂 And both are very very similar: view from the top, shoot around like crazy etc. Except that AH2 has a scrolling screen and ZA is a static game. And both are 400MSP.

    What would you get? ZA vs. AH2?


  • Wulf684

    “1/2 off popular Activision published content.”
    In other words: Stuff that everyone already has. Smart promotion. (But some nice deals though, have to admit that.)


  • CheekyLeeth

    Has anybody ever paid full price for Carcassonne? I have seen it on sale at least 3 times now, and it was also once given away free! Assault Heroes is tempting at 200, but I really don’t see anything else that appeals. Although, the price cut on the XBox Originals might be worth keeping an eye on.


  • Apocalypse1309

    Are these offers regionalized? This morning the CoD: WaW map packs were NOT reduced in price; they were showing the original price. (2000 points for the bundle)


  • metallicorphan

    seen as though no one..and i mean no one plays online with COD2 anymore,the original prices for the map packs should of been cut a long time ago


  • RyanMc360

    Would have bought Bandicoot and Spyro if they were 400, but for 600 I will pass.



    Eh I might pick up a couple of those Arcade games, but other than that, Activision’s offerings look pretty weak and I think I’ll save most of my points for EA’s deals next week, which will most likely be a lot better than this, especially in the add-ons department. (*hint hint* Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age deals again!)


  • Exu

    @bullka LT Assault Heroes 2, hands down. It has far more variety, while Zombie Apocalypse gets very dull, very quickly. The first Assault Heroes was still a better game overall, though.


  • SilentHunter382


    I dough that the Mass Effect 2 DLC will be on sale since it was part of a daily deal for christmas (But so was Carcassonne so I could be wrong) but you could be right that DA:O DLC will be on sale.


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