Zombies!!! and Brain Challenge now available for Windows Phone 7


Here are the details:


• $4.99 USD
• Board & Classic
• English Only
• Worldwide Release
• Based on the hugely popular and award-winning series from Twilight Creations, Inc., Zombies!!! is the humor of ‘Zombieland’ meeting the spirit of the board game ‘Sorry!’


Brain Challenge

• Gameloft
• $4.99 USD
• Family
• EFIGS Support
• Worldwide Release
• Brain Challenge is like a real vitamin boost for your brain.  It’s your personal coach and an entertaining, easy solution for keeping your brain alert.



  • Xcell Miguel

    To correct you, Zombies supports EFIGS languages too as written in the Zune Marketplace, and it’s in French on my phone 🙂


  • John John Z

    This is the first Windows Phone specifically about the phones games. I understand it. Not sure it works here. 1.6 million phones so far. How many people acutally have that phone yet or was this just a throw me a bone post for Windows Phone. 1.5 million in first six weeks. That is like a week and a half for android and iphone. Though if it were available I would have considered it but no devices shipped to my era


  • D3NNIS60

    Hey Microsoft, can you care to explain why there are some games on the WP7 that are 300% more expensive than on an iPhone and Android?


  • Christian Doe

    I love the Zombies!!! board game, but for some reason it’s not something that I would want to play on a mobile platform. XBLA or PC sure, but WP7?


  • Mushroom Jones

    Also wish ZOMBIES!!! was translated for XBLA. WP7 thumbs down!


  • beckett1

    installing Zombies!!! now, can’t wait to play. I loved the board game.


  • Pezby

    Major, I hope you will not continue writing about phone releases, just like you don’t write about PC releases, I’m sure some people are interested (and they can subscribe to a blog for phone games) but personally I read this feed for xbox news, not other platforms, I don’t want to get notified every time a new phone game is released… My 2 cents 🙂


  • a1984darkboy

    Why are there games on WP7 that I’d love to play on my console? Seriously, if the style of Zombies!!! is like Sorry, I can play with many members of my own family. Plus, The Harvest, I need that on XBLA like Miley Cyrus needs attention. Give it to me MS! Please!


  • MrHumhead

    Thanks for the update! And it WOULD be nice to keep getting updates on new WP7 releases.


  • Sausage Villan

    I agree with Pezby it IS NOT nice to get updates about windows phones on an xbox news site … same reason i don’t want to see windows pc game updates on a xbox news site …. this is an xbox news site not the microsoft news site


  • MajinDustin

    Sweet, I’m glad to see you’re posting WP7 releases, thanks!



    I have yet to buy a WP7 game because they are so expensive. Buying 3 or 4 game on WP7 is like buying 15 or 20 iPhone games. I think the only people buying these games are people who have never owned a smart phone made in the last 3 years and haven’t seen the price on the other platforms. I’m predicting that Angry Birds will be $5 when it finally hits WP7.


  • Whitesnake75

    I have to disagree with all the posters saying “Stop posting about WP7 releases”…. Yes, technically it is a “different” platform but you access XBOX Live on the phone… The home tile is called XBOX Live so to me it makes sense for the releases to appear on here…
    @Mr Guess – yes, the games may be more expensive on WP7 than on iPhone but they do have XBOX Live integration and achievements. And as for people only buying these games as they haven’t had a smartphone in the last three years, I think that is a beat of a sweeping statement… I had a smartphone before, i have an iPod Touch and so am aware of the prices on iTunes. But there is something compelling about playing for achievements and the WP7 platform seems well suited to games. Microsoft know that there are achievement hunters out there who will do anything to increase their score (i for one am not an achievement whore, i have just been lucky enough to play a lot of games) and as a result the proces are going to be higher (plus the extra development costs of adding achievements to the base game).


  • Stephan1237

    There is no Windows Phone 7 in Holland…


  • dirty whirlwind

    I’m thinking of getting a WP7 phone when my iPhone contract is up. It sounds cheap, but paying more than $1 for a phone game is probably the hardest thing to adjust to. But knowing the Appstore, its pretty much a fact that nearly every game hits the one dollar mark sometime. And I’m guessing that’s not the case with WP7 marketplace, especially with the Live enabled games.

    a1984darkboy: Zombies!!! is confirmed to be released on XBLA.


  • chiruno99

    You can’t add Zombies to everything. Especially since it’s getting old.


  • Matthew M G

    MR GUESS–early on in the Apple App Store, games were just as much as what Microsoft’s App Store charges, if not more. It’s only when there were a glut of apps and a large number of iPhone holders that the prices came down to the levels seen today, and even then that isn’t entirely correct–Infinity Blade and the Final Fantasy I/II remakes are two examples of expensive iPhone games (that are worth the money).

    The more people hop on the WP7 bandwagon and the more apps available for WP7, the lower prices get. Check back in a year and I’m certain prices will be lower and the number of apps higher.


  • SAKY

    ZOMG! I almost thought zombies was finally coming to XBLA. BRUTAL! Also +1 for poo on WP7 release


  • sobnekahcS moT


    Yes there is, but there is no Dutch Marketplace, you have to make a US account and then you can sign in with your normal account later, google for more instructions.


  • NeoRatt

    Nice to see Windows Phone 7 games on this blog… Now if only we could see the weekly releases in Game Room here again!


  • Col Hartman

    Will BF Vietnam be included for the EA sale, if so please let it be 600 points so I can buy it!


  • Alimaggs

    Cool, thanks, would be great to see the WP7 weekly releases here, for sure! Thanks!



    Time to buy a Windows Phone 7.


  • Holesome

    It seems WP7 games are part of XBL now and this site is an XBOX and XBL blog. I’m considering getting Zombies for my WP7 as it looks good.

    Thanks for the update on the WP7 games.

    Note: there are many games on WP7 that are in the $1.00 range or free however XBL supporting games are at this moment more expensive. ie. UNO is much less expensive on iPhone over XBL. With that said MS should try to keep prices closer between platforms when games are cross platform. Strangely, I’m mostly ok with pricing (although cheaper would be appreciated) and am enjoying getting achievements on my phone.


  • LittleBlueAlien

    I thought this was an Xbox blog….


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