Announcing the Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack


Three new multiplayer maps are coming next month for Halo: Reach.

Here are the details (plus screenshots) that I’ve scraped from the press release:


Condemned: Condemned takes place aboard Orbital Station Gamma, a massive space station high in orbit above the planet Reach. Prior to the Covenant’s overwhelming invasion, Orbital Station Gamma provided long range communications for UNSC fleets and a vital lifeline between Reach and Earth. During the Battle of Reach, the station suffered terrible punishment at the hands of the Covenant but a few fortified sections remain intact, fully pressurized, and ready for combat. Condemned supports 6 – 12 players in a variety of action-packed game types, including Team Slayer, Team Objective and Free for All.


Highlands: Highlands takes place on the top-secret Military Wilderness Training Preserve on Reach. The Preserve is a large, wooded area where Spartan super-soldiers trained long before the war with the Covenant began. During the Battle of Reach, the Preserve was the site of key battles between the alien invaders and a group of Spartans who used their familiarity with these UNSC training grounds to significant tactical advantage…but not everyone who enters these woods makes it out alive. Highlands expands the fight with massive-scale engagements for 8 – 16 players in Big Team Battle, Team Slayer and Team Objective.


Unearthed takes the battle for Reach to a large Titanium mine and refinery located in the Viery civilian sector of the planet. This particular mine was built to take advantage of the exposed titanium inside a massive meteor crater. The titanium produced here is used in much of the UNSC hardware, from the chassis of the Warthog to the meters-thick armor plating of capital ships like the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. While this facility was quickly abandoned when the Covenant arrived on Reach, it still has significant tactical (and economic) value and it won’t be long before both humans and Covenant return to battle for control. Unearthed allows up to 4 players to launch a counterassault against the Covenant in Firefight and Firefight modes such as Generator Defense.


Created in partnership with Certain Affinity, the Defiant Map Pack will be available this March on Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft points, and will include all new Achievements worth a total of 150 Gamerscore. Keep an eye on Halo Waypoint for a brand new trailer. Or watch it out on Waypoint’s YouTube page.


I’ve posted the official screenshots on Flicker.



  • dreri

    I like having new maps but 3 maps for 800 MSP is too expensive in my opinion. I bought Noble pack but I don’t think I’ll be getting these. 😦



    I thought Halo: Reach was dead already.


  • Jumpmann

    how about the old maps? what will be the price when these come out?


  • JPiLLa

    I’ll stick with Call of Duty: Black Ops. Much better multiplayer game IMO.


  • PAT2K9

    I can’t wait to get these maps.


  • The Real Napsta

    I’ve gotten sick of Black Ops, I’ll pick these up and get back into Halo.


  • CrazyCake

    cool, can’t wait.


  • Korahn 27

    Anotehr map pack? I still haven’t been able to bring myself to purchase Noble pack for 800. Maybe if the price drops a bit… or if there is a DotW soon.


  • Chessman UK

    The trailer looks great for this and I’m happy to buy this one day 1 however I do wish that both the halo and CoD franchise would release a campaign DLC just once in a while – I would love some extra levels sandwiched in somewhere.

    Does it really have to be map packs, every time – just look at Gearbox and what they did with Borderlands (Mad Moxxi aside!)


  • krisxx

    They look awesome, but I would prefer at least one new map that isn’t team based. I’m more of a rumble map slayer player.

    And some campaign DLC would be awesome too.


  • Shadow0810

    @LegendaryToad Tens of thousands still play it daily.

    @JPLilla Black Ops is terrible. I went back to MW2 with all my friends. Black Ops is just…boring, slower, just not as good.


  • Neuflex

    Don’t think I’ll pick these up. I thought the Noble pack a bit disappointing and I find new maps filled with more experienced, skilled players. I could be wrong and I’m not really very good at multiplayer but I seem to get utterly destroyed on new maps.


  • AutomaticOcelot

    When I’m ready to get back into Halo I know these packs will be loads of goodness.
    Map packs don’t go on sale too too often, so I wouldn’t think people are doing themselves any favours by holding out. Either you want to play with your friends or you’re fine as is!


  • Premierdrmmr07

    How about instead of giving us over priced DLC you give us actual games that aren’t Halo, Gears of War or Fable…


  • AHal

    Awesome. Glad these are finally official now.

    I can’t wait for these maps to come out! Halo: Reach is the best multiplayer game.

    Looking forward to this! Now if only we could get an exact date…


  • Jedimoose

    MORE HALO!!!! FTW!!! Yes, M$ please take my money; thank you. Halo haters move on. This isn’t the thread you’re looking for!


  • Wiizpig

    “Certain Affinity”? aren’t these maps from 343? and what about Bungie? can you elaborate on that, Major?


  • D4rth T Man7iz

    As a Halo player since 2002, this a day 1 purchase for me. Halo: Reach is for me the best FPS multiplayer experience, currently available on Xbox,as long as you avoid playing with abusers of Armor Lock and Jet-pack. It’s not a coincidence that Halo has been the flagship competitive FPS console game in leagues such as MLG, since the first Halo. 800MSP is the right pricing for this kind of content, as it’s has been since Halo 2; I really don’t understand how can some people say this is overpriced, while Map Packs from Call of Duty are priced at 1200MSP, seriously that’s how biased CoD has turned the FPS players, anyway it’s just matter of time before it falls just as it happened to Guitar Hero. The maps look great, the landscape on Condemned and Highlands looks spectacular. At this point there only a doubt I’ll like to clear; did Bungie have any kind of collaboration with Certain Affinity while developing this Map Pack, or they weren’t involved in no way whatsoever?. Hope this clears up soon.

    PS: The musical score used in the trailer, has a Halo: Reach OST piece in the beginning, however the second one is not related to any Halo game OST.


  • D4rth T Man7iz



    Certain Affinity’s Halo roots run deeper than the Marianas Trench. Max Hoberman, Certain Affinity’s founder, was a 10-year veteran of Bungie, serving as the UI and community team lead for Halo: Combat Evolved, as well as the multiplayer, interface, and online lead for Halo 2 and Halo 3. In addition to Max’s influential work on the Halo franchise, other members of the Certain Affinity team led engineering and systems design on all Halo titles during their tenures at Bungie. Upon forming in 2006, Certain Affinity’s first project as a company was the development of the Halo Blastacular Map Pack, an Xbox LIVE downloadable map pack for Halo 2. This depth of experience with the Halo franchise made Certain Affinity the perfect choice as a collaborative partner for Microsoft Game Studios (MGS) and 343 Industries on Halo Waypoint.


  • Veive257

    More maps = more goodness


  • chiruno99

    A little too late for my liking, but hey. Anything to keep a dying franchise going.


  • Garratose

    @chiruno99: Sarcasm right?


  • HsitH

    I really hope that Reach surpass the number of maps that Halo 3 has.
    In other words, MAKE MORE MAPS 343 Industries! 😀


  • beautifuldreams

    i don’t get the hate, 18 free community maps have already been released on temporary basis. this is the best imo, as it keeps the game new and fresh for free. if people want to spend more for some optional maps that’s their choice, but i am more than happy the way things are


  • a1984darkboy

    Mmm, sexy maps are sexy as always and I won’t deny that I’m interested in seeing what 343 has up their sleeves. Some videos I’ve seen show that 343 can definitely make some lovely looking maps, but I can’t wait to play these myself. Also glad to see Firefight get some love.


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