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As a part of our ongoing commitment to improve Xbox LIVE, we are rolling out an optional testing program called Xbox LIVE Labs. Xbox LIVE Labs performs a number of network tests from your console to Xbox LIVE. These results are recorded solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service. Although we want your support, participating in Xbox LIVE Labs is entirely optional and voluntary. These results are recorded solely for the purpose of testing and improving the service and will not be used to identify you.

If you choose to participate, each completed test rewards you with a cool Avatar item and a zero point achievement as a thank you for your contribution.


There are a total of three Avatar items and three zero point achievements that you can earn for each completed test, including a lab coat, brain helmet, and crazy mad scientist hair!


Xbox LIVE Labs runs from March 10-27 and is open to all Xbox LIVE members living in the United States.

You will not be able to participate in other Xbox LIVE activities, such as gaming, watching movies or downloading music, while running Xbox LIVE Labs, and your Internet connectivity may be slower than usual. Sound good? Sign into Xbox LIVE and head over to the community channel where you’ll see the Xbox LIVE Labs panel. Click on it to download the testing app and the rest is pretty much self-explanatory.


The Xbox LIVE Labs testing application is currently available in the US only. After this round of testing, we’ll evaluate when and how we’ll roll this out to other Xbox LIVE regions.


Thanks for your help


97 thoughts on “Xbox LIVE Labs

  1. Started my Xbox up this morning to get this going. Forgot to turn it off before I left…
    So it looks like it will be done by the time I get home from work.

  2. Would definately help if it came over to the UK, whether there were freebies or not, there is a reason Xbox live is so much better then PSN and whatever wii has, and thats cause of the XBL community and microsoft actually giving a care, great news, please send it europes way 😀

  3. 6 hours? No thanks. Older xboxes (like mine) only have so many hours of functionality until they die. Not gonna use up 6 of them to get 0 point achievements and avatar awards. Maybe Microsoft is just doing this to wear out people’s xboxes and make them buy new ones sooner than they normally would? I mean, I’m sure they’re not, but it still sounds like a good conspiracy.

  4. Good thinking, congrats to whomever thought up the idea of giving out three different avatar awards (and three 0 GS achievments) for participating in the testing. I bet the participation will be around ten times what it would be without the incentives (say, 10-20% of U.S. Gold users, instead of 1-2%).

    I hope they use this to improve the network reliability and bring back something like the Primetime Channel with some “appointment” gaming (I miss 1 vs. 100).

  5. I’ll do it tonight while I sleep, it will be done before I head to work in the morning. I’ve left my XBox on for well over 6 hours before and no ill effects.

    Also note to Major Nelson and the XBox team, free incentives always work. I wouldn’t think about doing it if not for the free incentives.

  6. “After this round of testing, we’ll evaluate when and how we’ll roll this out to other Xbox LIVE regions.” As long as I get it at some point I’ll be happy!

  7. Looks alot like the Origeonal xbox live calibration test only Updated and tricked out with new UI. I just changed isp hopefully this will give xbl the info they need to make a xbox run better over at&t uverse.

  8. Ha ha. tylerh1701 beat me to it. It does look like a ploy to sell more systems! You would know for sure if MS offered a dunce hat for your avatar if you wrapped your xbox in a towel before doing this!

  9. Wat i want to see in XBOX Live is a feature where i can upload my save games to (our) hotmail ID…
    that would be cool to have, (like sony now have the feature)

  10. Mines been running for near 3 hours and my modem/router hasnt been downloading or uploading anything from my xbox. I dont understand why its so long when its not doing anything network related? Does it start up at the last hour or something? because its not doing anything.

  11. I would love to run this, but I cannot get my xbox to stay on that long. About 2 minutes after I turn off my TV the Xbox shuts down. I have turned off all power saving features. but it doesn’t help. I have the Xbox connected via HDMI and I have read that some TVs will tell the Xbox that they are off and so the Xbox shuts down automatically. How can I disable this on the Xbox? I cannot find a setting on my TV. If I leave my TV on it does not shut down, but I really don’t want to leave my TV on all night.

  12. Ryan, im guessing your using HDMI? some tv’s have problems with xbox’s and HDMI causing its signal to reset. Try plugging in the SD cables and then ull prob be able to run it with the tv off.

    Also off topic but im trying to change my gamertag on major nelsons site since i changed it recently. But for some reason every time i try to change it it says “Xbox Live gamercard updates are disabled so we are unable to validate your gamertag” does anyone have any idea on whats going on? Thanks.

  13. Since I’m still on the first 30 minute’s of the test I’m not sure if it uses more bandwidth later but here is what I’ve found so far. Using the Tomato firmware on my router I determined that it only downloads about 7.5 MB every 10 minutes through a couple second burst of around 130 KB/s every minute.

  14. It would be nice to see some of the results after the testing period is complete, such as number of participants, data interpretation, any surprises, etc…

  15. For those who live in the UK, Canada or anywhere else in the world etc who have a US account on there xbox all you need to do is download the app on the my community channel, run it, sign out of the US account and sign in with your normal one (uk), this should now show up on your recent playlist but will be forced to return to dashboard cause you signed out, then just go to quick launch and there you go : )

  16. I would love to help out with the Lab test, but I’m in the family gold package and don’t even see the option in the My Community section (there are a lot of items that don’t show up since subscribed to the Family Pack). Figured it would be good to run the test while my husband is playing on a different Xbox.

  17. @Zero3ffect: I’m seeing a pretty constant 8 megabits/second, still on the first half hour. High bandwidth usage indeed, lets hope I don’t overrun my 250GB cap :-P.

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