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Halo: Reach

Content: Halo: Reach – Defiant Map Pack
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability for your region
Dash Text: (Note: A hard drive with at least 1 gigabyte of available storage is recommended and required for some online features. For compatibility with Halo: Reach, the Defiant Map Pack cannot be installed to an external memory device if a hard drive is present.) The fight for humanity’s survival rages on in three brand-new battlefields: a giant orbital station high above the burning surface of the planet, inside the forest of a military wilderness-training facility, and wrapped in the remnants of a civilian mining facility. These awesome new environments comprise 2 multiplayer maps and a Firefight mission that deliver 3 new achievements and 150 gamerscore. Developed by 343 Industries and Certain Affinity.


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You’ll need a full copy Halo Reach to use this content


  • Gonzo345

    We want more firefight achievements and harder achievements 😦


  • fuzzyGURU
  • SilentHunter382

    €70 is an insult for a game that’s more then 6 months old. I have the game so I don’t care but for people who do want it as a digital format that’s too much.

    Not interested in getting the maps atm. I have other games to complete first and didn’t put enough time in the noble maps.


  • Wiizpig

    The achievements for this DLC are ridicolous, it would be better to have some hard achievements.

    Also, it’s basically 800 points for 2 maps, since the third map is a Firefight one and no one every plays Firefight since you can basically “cheat” the score you want thanks to those stupid skulls.

    No thanks.


  • D4rth T Man7iz

    Downloaded the Map Pack like at 6AM before going to college. I’m about to play for the first time, lets see what Certain Affinity and 343 Industries has in store!!!



    I’m always in for Halo maps.


  • freddo3d

    Hey Guys … I just found this awesome trailer of the game … can’t wait for this map pack. Should be unreal and really want in on it. Check out the trailer;


    Can’t wait!!!!!


  • Ai Kago

    Why is this game £49.00 to download in the EU..daylight robbery!


  • Neuflex

    Halo: Reach now available on Games On Demand… for £50! How can Microsoft justify this price for a 6 month old game? Disappointing that they seem to be so utterly out of touch with the community on this issue. These prices are met with ridicule.


  • Blue Thunder28

    This game is getting a price drop this month for a week


  • Fury Inordinate

    I guess I’ll be the only non-negative one so far and say thank you for the post Major.


  • Fletch955

    I have to say I’m disapointed with this map pack. For a start there’s only two multiplayer maps, the other is firefight. And of the two multiplayer maps only Highlands is any good, by far better than Condemned. But this soon becomes tiresome. I much prefered the Noble map pack over this. Shame. 😦


  • Autobott

    Although I do like the new maps, I cant help but feeling robbed. 3 new maps, for $10? What the funk M$? I’ve proven time and time again that I am willing to pay for extra content, but the greed has become glaringly obvious!

    I still can’t figure what the hell I am paying $50 a year on XBL for – voice communication? and the XBL price just went up too, lol.

    I know why we get charged for this stuff…because we are dumb enough to pay for it. But come on MS, I’ve had XBL for 7 years now, maybe you should through me a bone every now and then!

    Don’t even get me started on the zune prices… as a netflix member I will NEVER rent/buy a movie or show from that overpriced marketplace. Hell, redbox is a buck!


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