Homework before you play Homefront

I was perusing Netflix a few weeks ago, and came across the The Vice Guide to Travel. This is from the strange dudes behind Vice Magazine (which should tell you something right there.) What I want you to do is go straight to episode 8, VICE Guide to North Korea. This 60-minute episode will provide you with a rare glimpse of life inside North Korea which is different to say the least. The section with the Mass Gymnastic demonstration (Mass Games) alone is indescribable. For another angle on the Mass Games, watch A State Of Mind (Netflix link) from the BBC.  If you are looking forward to Homefront releasing this week, then watching one or both of these programs may give you a bit of the backstory that sets the stage for the story in Homefront.


You Tube preview of Vice Guide to North Korea
Direct Netflix link to VICE Guide to North Korea

Direct Netflix link to A State Of Mind


I know Netflix is not available in all Xbox LIVE regions, so do a search at your local video provider to see if they carry them. If you watch it, let me know what you think.


  • Quicksilver4648

    I have seen a number of the series this group has produced. They are all excellent. If you like the North Korea video then you should watch the “VICE Guide to Liberia.”

    Also, to those not from the US or if you simply do not have Netflix, you can watch them on their website: VBS[dot]tv


  • breakerofbacks

    Spoiler alert: EVERYONE IS CRAZY!

    On a serious note what the government has done to those people is truly heartbreaking and the amount of brain-washing is inconceivable.


  • Grubish360

    Thanks for the links Major. I’ll be sure to check this out before I start up the campaign for Homefront. Can’t wait.


  • Since 1981

    The VICE guide to North Korea was very interesting. National Geographic also has a documentary on Netflix called “Inside North Korea” in case the VICE hosts strike you as too mocking and condescending towards their admittedly delusional hosts.


  • TigerKneeCrush

    Just give us a god damn demo!


  • Ghost of Kirin

    It goes to show the magnitude and scale of North Korea’s caste system- and ultimately- how scary that conviction really is… One wrong trigger and hell is at the door steps.


  • Blue Thunder28

    That you so much for these links.


  • Blue Thunder28

    Thank you so much for these links.


  • Wahrnye

    Interesting video, I have to admit.

    Sadly, that doesn’t change the fact that the “alternate future” backstory in Homefront is absolutely laughable. Korean reunification in 2 years under a North Korean model? Texas seceding from the Union (for the second time) 2 years later? The total collapse of the United States 10 years thereafter? ROFL.

    Alternate future stories are only good when they’re believable. This one starts out being incredulous and only gets more so. And that’s just the story. Graphically, I swear the vehicles look like they were textured to run in GTA: San Andreas.


  • CuddlyClamShot

    Quick thanks for that, I’ll try to forget that right away.

    I take it IGN didn’t like not getting some payola for this game… their review of it was bad. I just checked Metacritic and the reviews are good. I wish all games had demos.


  • chiruno99

    A LoveFilm link would be rearry nice.


  • FinderKeeper


    Agreed on the laughably improbable backstory of Homefront. Any Korean unification would likely result from the complete collapse of North Korea, not its expansion and takeover of South Korea. And a ‘Greater Korea’ would have little to no chance of bringing even Japan under its sway, much less the United States. Quite frankly, the reverse is more likely (The U.S. and Japan having increased sway over a unified Korea, should that happen).

    China would be a much more likely enemy in terms of eventually having the numbers and firepower to invade the U.S., but that would be *too* realistic, wouldn’t it? Gotta keep our games fictional and fake so as not to intrude on more likely and worrisome scenarios…


  • freddo3d

    This game looks so cool … can’t wait … I was reading this awesome review;


    It looks pretty realistic and gruesome …. hope the censors don’t brutalise it to much as I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. To be honest … I don’t give a crap about the back story, I am just so impressed at how the graphic detail of games now is getting so much better.

    Awesome work. Get it on America!



    A couple of you guys need help. I won’t say which two.


  • Grumbledock

    @ Wahrnye, FinderKeeper
    Sorry guys, but it seems you don’t know much about the world or even war and economics these days. China would for example NEVER attack the US, Chine depend on US to have a living economy, guess 90% of the stuff in your home or more is “made in chine”. A war against US would bankrupt china within months.
    Though, North Korea never could master the power, Japan can (they’ve done it before). Japan leading the newly united South + remaining North Korea on the other hand would work as charmed.
    Why didn’t they choose Japan then?
    Well, because Japan is a peaceful country these days, and no ones sees it as a threat. You need a dictator “bad guy” for a game/movie, and Japan wouldn’t do. N Korea is unlikely, but makes for a 100x better game, since it creates the right atmosphere 🙂

    The current state of economics worldwide is bad, and in the US it’s horrible, US soon has reach the max amount of money it can lend from other countries, and still have big red negative figures at the end of the month.
    Wait a few years as the internal problems keeps tearing the country apart, and launch a full scale military Blietzkreig and you would capture the US before they even knew what was going on. Throw out some EMPs and you kill all parts of our modern society, no communication, no transportation, total blackout.

    Though I could never phantom why anyone would like to conquer US, not that much resources, lots of weapons and criminality, high mortality etc. Nothing that is worth anything, unless you do it just to “brag” and that sounds pretty laughable ^^


  • CuddlyClamShot

    What about the hole in the hoezone?


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