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I wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve got some pretty big changes coming to In addition to full site redesign (finally!) we’re also going to be migrating to a new blogging platform. As you can imagine, there is a LOT of data to migrate (we’ve got over 9 GB of posts and comments.) To prepare for the move, this will be my last post until the move is complete, and later today we’ll be shutting comments off to ensure we capture all of the existing data and move it over. While we make the move over the coming days, there may be times when things may be a little wonky, RSS feeds and/or URL’s may be broken, or the site may just unavailable. These are by products of such a large scale move and things should return to normal very soon, so thanks for bearing with us.


Once things settle down, I will return to posting as normal. Until then, please follow me on Twitter for updates.


Thanks and see you on the other side.

116 thoughts on “Changes coming to

  1. That last fake message from “Major Nelson” is a good example of why this site needs gamercard registration integrated back into it again.

    And yeah, if you want the posts to look like they used to, just click on the Blog button at the top, although better site design would have prevented having to point that out in the first place.

  2. Unlike most people I’m loving the new look of the site! Of course there’s a few things here and there, like the site logo appearing for every post, but i imagine thats more of a problem of transfer, and the new style system.

    I think the comment system definitely needs a revamp however. Being able to post under any name is dangerous.

    I’m split on if I prefer the blog, or new design of the site because there’s definitely benefits for both.

    Well Good Luck Major! I have faith you’ll get this all rolling smoothly soon.

  3. One thing that could be really appreciated (to be submitted to the active community on this website), would be a “discount” or “Deals” tab (Displayed the same way as the “Marketplace” tab), where user would find the list of all discounts (Deal of the Week, Games for Windows if relevant, and other temporary discounted products for certain regions, etc.).

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