Blog move update

It’s been about a week since we’ve moved the blog to WordPress. There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes and I wanted to update you on the progress.

New mobile optimized site. When you access from your mobile device you’ll now be presented with a mobile optimized view.

New comment system. Good news..comments are now turned back on. We’ve integrated the Disqus commenting system which will bring new features like threading, sorting, real time comments and more. You may recognize Disqus, as it is the same system that many other sites (like Engadget) are using. By using Disqus, this will allow you to use your existing account from such services as Twitter, Facebook, Open ID and more.

Now the bad news: The Gamertag integration from the old site is no longer available. If you had an account on the old site, you’ll now need to use the Disqus system. We’re working on a way to integrate Gamertags in the future, but I wanted to get comments back on the site in as quickly as possible and Disqus was the best solution that allowed the most flexibility for everyone.

That’s where were are right now. There is still much more work to do, but I wanted let you know what was up. As always, let me know what you think.

Update:It turns out that we’re having trouble with the mobile site. It may or may not work while we troubleshoot and fix it. Thx



  • Joshua McClain

    Yeah, I like the Disqus sign in feature.


  • Anonymous

    I think the new look of the blog it’s really good and simple. Regards..!!


  • Tj Marsh

    mobile site looks weird on my My-touch.


  • Anonymous

    This new, new design is just as horrid as the old, new design. The text is a pain to read, Xbox green on medium gray is an eye sore. Disqus is OK, but not great, and not really as robust as other commenting systems. The lack of gamercards makes the site feel disconnected from the actual Xbox brand; I realize this is out of your control but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel like I’m on some “fan’s” blog rather than the official blog of the Xbox spokesperson.

    All in all, this site looks like it was “cutting edge” back in 1999. Not 2011. Actually, I take that back: The sites that promoted Windows Millennium Edition back then actually looked BETTER than this. This almost reminds me of the old 1998 version of


  • Mikal Ummel

    Site loads fine on my Samsung Intercept. Don’t mind the new look.


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