This week on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Wednesday will see the release of

SeisouKouki Strania, Rush ‘n’ Attack Ex-Patriot and Islands of Wakfu.

41 thoughts on “This week on Xbox LIVE Arcade

  1. i just went to log in for the first time since the change over and i could not. it made me recreate everything and of course my gamertag is taken as a valid username.

  2. And, as it’s been mentioned before, the grey is just a terrible design choice. It makes the site read like an old Netscape Yahoo page from the late 90s. Something clean like white backgrounds and greens from the logo palette would be more readable.

  3. This blog post felt really empty, lack of Pricings and at least a small description of each game instead of sending us over to their site/Wiki page by default. Sounds like lazy booking but everyone has these days. Looking really forward to playing Islands of Wakfu.

  4. I think the site may grow on me Major. At the very least, I am looking forward to seeing how the site re-design’s base that is used by other blogs, helps to improve your blog.

    It deserves the same hit numbers as the past, and jast as if not more popularity than the team-run Playstation.Blog.

    – Lucky 13 X

    1. A World of Keflings March 29 – April 3 400 (50% off)
      Worms 2: Armageddon March 29 – April 3 400 (50% off)
      Worms 2: Battle Pack March 29 – April 3 200 (50% off)
      Raskulls March 29 – April 3 400 (50% off)

  5. I think there’s a total clash of incentives on this blog. Major Nelson keeps it as a personal blog, I don’t believe he is paid at all for keeping it, and updates it as he can for the community’s benefit.

    Readers of this blog (including myself) use it at a great source of the newest information about Xbox and Xbox Live because it does provide tons of great Xbox info. We don’t see it as Major Nelson’s blog, we see it as the Xbox blog. So sometimes we get frustrated when it comes to changes, lack of information, etc. But it’s not frustration towards Major Nelson personally, it’s more towards Xbox, which is pretty much a faceless organization to most of us.

    I compare it to the PlayStation Blog, which is run by paid Playstation employees to maintain and update. When people gripe and complain on that blog, it’s towards PlayStation, not towards any specific person creating the content. The same kind of commenting goes on here towards Xbox, but since it’s Major Nelson’s blog (and not an Xbox blog) he is taking the brunt of the negativity.

    That’s my 2 cents on the situation. Maybe I’m the only one who feels like this.

  6. “Casual Arcade Games”:
    Yu Gi Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels – 400 pts
    A Kingdom for Keflings – 400 pts
    Crazy Taxi – 400 pts
    3D Ultra MiniGolf 2 – 400 pts
    Costume Quest – 600 pts
    Monkey Island 2: Special Edition – 400 pts
    Faery: Legend of Avalon – 600 pts
    Gyromancer – 400 pts

    “Core Arcade Games”:
    DOOM II – 400 pts
    Quake Areana Arcade – 800 pts
    Zeit 2 – 400 pts
    After Burner Climax – 400 pts
    Alien Breed Evolution – 400 pts
    Alien Breed 2: Assult – 400 pts
    Darwini+ – 400 pts
    Defese Grid – 400 pts
    Unbound Saga – 160 pts

    “Awesome Add-Ons”:
    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare Bundle: 1000pts
    Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare pack: 400pts
    Halo Wars Historical Battles: 400pts
    Halo Wars Strategic Options: 400pts
    3D Ultra Minigolf 2 Fairy Tales: 120pts
    Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trials: 400pts

    “Avatar Discounts”:
    Break Dancing – 160pts
    Ninjas Black Horned Samurai Outfit – 120pts
    Fantasy Pets Minotaur companion – 120pts

    These are the deals of this week.

  7. Does anyone miss the time when top down shooters were NOT “bullet hell”? Like the Xenon games by Bitmap Brothers? Those are as much shooter as I can handle or want. The Japanese have basically destroyed this genre for me by going insane on the difficulty.

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