Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge Pack add-on

Kinect SportsContent: Kinect Sports Calorie Challenge Pack
Price: 320 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Get fighting fit the Kinect Sports way! Hit calorie-loss targets by beating mascot rivals in the Calorie Challenge Pack: STEADY CELERY, BLAZING BANANA, MIGHTY MILK, SUPER SODA, PEPPY PIZZA, and CHUNKY CHOCOLATE. Also includes Free Play mode and 10 achievements for 250 gamerscore, with food mascots selectable in Party Play.


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You’ll need a full copy of Kinect Sports and Kinect to enjoy this add-on


  • NBA Kirkland (Nick)

    Can someone who has played this explain what Free Play mode is?


  • David Herman

    Could someone explain to me what these new mini games are? Some details beyond the blurb would tell me if this is worth buying


  • Martin Spierings

    @ david, it doesnt seem to have new minigames added. Just a new mode thats using present minigames to combine it with a calorie counter. Correct me if im wrong though


  • todd heckeler



  •!/BeeDizz BeeDizz

    I wasn’t paying much attention to this but i was under the impression it was a free update. Not a paid download. As soon as i saw it had added achievements, i sighed alittle knowing it was paid DLC. I’m not THAT interested. I’ll just keep burning calories on Dance Central.


  • Video

    I would like to know about my avatar t-shirt for last Saturday, i did not get any thing yet


  • Kevin Gallacher

    Is this worth buying looks like it’s just mascots for party mode, I’d rather use my avatar.


  • Shaun Perry

    The new mode lets you challenge different mascots by losing a set number of calories in a certain amount of time. I believe the hardest mascot is “Peppy Pizza” and you have to burn 302 calories in 30 mins. You burn calories by playing random sets of the old mini-games. No new ones.


  • Nick Blosser

    It’s fun…My kids love it!


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