Arcade: Dungeons & Dragon Daggerdale

Dungeons & Dragon DaggerdaleContent: Dungeons & Dragon Daggerdale
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale offers engaging “hack and slash” gameplay, bringing an accessible version of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition to life. Travel to the Dalelands of the Forgotten Realms, where the journey begins in the remote Desertsmouth Mountains. From the sulfuric catacombs of the mines of Tethyamar, to the dizzying heights of the Tower of the Void, Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale delivers an action packed challenge that will satisfy the most seasoned of adventurers.

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17 thoughts on “Arcade: Dungeons & Dragon Daggerdale

  1. I’ll give the trail out when I get off work and go from there. This would be my first time hearing about this game, but I’ve also been working none stop, so I’m not as up to date on these things like I used to be.

    1. Not really, Microsoft gave everyone Undertow for free because the Xbox Live service was having problems during the entire Christmas holidays. That is “slightly” different from the service being unavailable for a few hours.

  2. Just the one Dragon, they couldn’t afford any more. That’s the XBLA budget for you. It’s not even a real dragon, just some papier-mache on a bit of string, and the swords are just tin foil and a bit of plastic.

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