Demo: Rugby World Cup 2011

Content: Rugby World Cup 2011 Demo
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Dash Text: Play England Vs South Africa in this Demo version of Rugby World Cup 2011. In the Full Game, 20 nations will compete against each other, fighting every inch for the right to proudly lift the Webb Ellis trophy. Back your team and play your part in the biggest sporting event of 2011!


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26 thoughts on “Demo: Rugby World Cup 2011

      1. fair enough. but for me living in a country where this is a major sporting code i kinda got tired of it and US is interesting because it’s different.

        my guess is that the feeling is reciprocated in the US too!

    1. thats because it isnt football.  It is rugby.  This is in no way a bad influence on children, if you play the game right, (and most do) there will be fewer injuries in a game then there are in football. 

      From an American who played college and city league rugby for 7 years and has seen less then 1 worisome injury a season…. how does that compare to any football game you have watched?

      1.  See my above comment. There are several different types of football; rugby union and rugby league are but two of them. So both you and Subopti have semantically missed the mark.

        Oh… and how are your ears doing? 😉

    1. Rugby is indeed a type of football. There are several different types of “football” (American and Australian being but two of them).

      There are two types of rugby football: rugby union, and rugby league. The download is for the rugby union (IRB) 2011 World Cup. Both forms of rugby football derive from the sport invented at Rugby School in England in the early 1800s, where there were *several* different kinds of football (one developing into “association football”, which the British simply call “football” and the Americans call “soccer”).

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  2. This game is terrible… Overall, it is laughable. When it is just you vs the fullback (which will happen a lot), if you look behind you at 28 people running at the same speed towards you in a mass ball, you cannot say this game is without fault.

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