Join me for a Gaming and Giving for Good (G3) Xbox LIVE charity event

This Saturday, October 1st the Gaming and Giving for Good (G3) Xbox LIVE charity event to benefit Extra Life will take place. Regardless of where you are in the US, you can can participate, just register here.

But if you are in the Seattle area, join me and Brandon Roy from the Portland Trailblazers this Saturday at 2pm at the GameStop in Bellevue Square.

In addition, GameStop’s in Plano, TX, New York, NY and West Hollywood, CA also have in store events planned.

Even if you can’t attend any of these event, please consider participating and supporting this great cause. 


  • Ronald Zimmerman

    Hey Major, I read a tweet from OXM that there is a San Francisco event as well. Would you know anything about this? Thanks


  • Yusuf

    US only?


  • Billy Bion

    awesome and no it is in canoose fromada 2 i just singed up and i am in canada there is a alot of country’s to ch


  • The One

    I will be in dallas outside of plano next week too early for me.


  • Alejandro Alameda

    how do i sign up for the charity event? Please help i really want to be a part of it.


  • Alex Casey

    Please allow hyphens for gamertags 😀 


  • akella

    I want to sign up for the event too. How do i do it?


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