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Deepak Chopra’s Leela™Content: Leela Demo
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Dash Text: Welcome to the Deepak Chopra’s Leela™ game demo. Leela is a groundbreaking journey that helps brings focus, energy and balance to everyday life. Explore seven movements to engage the seven chakras — or energy centers — to unwind and develop a “flow state.” With Kinect, users can actually see and measure their breathing to enhance their meditation. Create personal “mandalas” – artwork that expresses a person’s essence — and use them as meditation maps or share with friends on Facebook.

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7 thoughts on “Demo: Leela

  1. Because as a former Marine I served so you and I could have free speech. I am a spiritual person but if you ever watch some of the debates with Mr Chopra you would see he makes it up as he goes along, and not very well I might add. The fact that Major Nelson gave him any time just shocks me

    1. The right to free speech is about blocking the government’s ability to censor you. It has absolutely nothing to do with the right to troll without others protesting it. The First Ammendment does not apply in this situation since there is no evidence of a government entity attempting to silence you here.

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