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RAGEContent: RAGE Demo
Price: Free
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Get RAGE for as low as $29.99! That’s up to 50% off the suggested retail price of $59.99! For a limited time only, Friday, Nov. 25 thru Sunday, Nov. 27 at participating retailers. Taxes extra where applicable. Other restrictions may apply. Check your favorite game retailer for details and participation. Welcome to Wellspring, a small oasis of civilization in the Wasteland. The Ghost Clan, a cult of murderous fanatics, has infiltrated the waterworks beneath the town with plans to poison the water supply, and you’re the only one with the weapons, talent and courage to stop them. Also while in Wellspring you can meet the townsfolk, try your hand in games of skill and chance, peruse the wares of the local vendors or hit the Speedway for some white-knuckle racing.

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14 thoughts on “Demo: RAGE

    1. Well I dont think the game sold particularily well, the xbox marketplace description says “Come buy this game! Its half off this weekend!”. Of course, if that was the case, releasing a demo this late in November after all the major releases are out probably wont help them.

  1. I think I won’t even bother to download and try it until I see myself buying the game due to drastically reduced price (bargain). I’d have get the demo back at the day it was supposed to be there, in other words, prior to game’s release date…

    Anyway I’ll appreciate to have the possibility of giving the game a try before I pruechase it just in case that time will come.

    1. Thats not realistic for most game companies, some are afforded the time to plan ahead and put one out, but many arent. Its not as simple as copying and pasting a section of a game, and they have to go through a lengthy certification process weeks in advance before theyre approved and scheduled for release on XBLM.

      1. What’s not realistic ? Me not getting the demo until the moment before I plan to buy the game ?

        I just said that. My comment aside, demos ideally and for the most part, are meant to come before games’ release dates much like a beta has no purpose on being there after release.

        I know a beta is no copy and paste, my fiancee was part of the demoscene over a decade ago after all, but no matter how long it takes to have it ready, this is the kind of thing to be done before you hit the market, much like getting rid of bugs, etc.

        My bottom line would be devs/publishers (everyone) rush the games out.

        Look how they never left over advertising campaing to time after the release, and that takes time and money to create didn’t it ? It’s just nowadays sales are the only thing that matters instead of a product hitting the market in proper conditions (that being a product ready to be advertised, tested and played with all it’s features from day 1)

      2. Demos are meant to entice people who don’t have the game. If you were already planning on buying the game, then they don’t need to entice you. Also, sales are important at any time. Not just day one. It’s not realistic to expect them to polish/debug a game and produce a demo version before the game’s release.

      3. Youre still not speaking realistically, it would be nice, sure. But these things need to fall with in budgets and time constraints, for some games its possible, but for others its not. Its a case by case basis, not a universal standard.

  2. Its not a bad game.  Dont expect a sand box and the levels are on rails.  No real freedom and your lead all the way.  The racing aspect seems like it was tacked on to bolster the main campaign.  All in all very pretty to look at but i stopped playing when i hit Disc 2.  Go and get Borderlands if you want a run, gun and loot game.  Its miles ahead of this, in my humble opinion.

    1. No real freedom? Wtf? You go to a quest when you want and go where you want. How isn’t that “freedom”. You tards need to let go of “cool” catch phrases such “games on rails” because that doesn’t even fit.

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