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Just Dance 3Content: Just Dance 3
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Dash Text: Just Dance 3 is now available for the first time on the Xbox 360 Kinect. With over 40 tracks spanning a variety of genres, hit artists, and Billboard chart-toppers, Just Dance 3 will get any party started! The advanced technology of the Kinect gives Just Dance 3 the ability to track full-body movement for a controller-free, interactive dance experience. Just Dance 3 on Kinect even has exclusive features that take advantage of the unique Kinect camera. So, join the movement and play the spontaneous and outrageous #1 dance game in America!

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Note: You’ll need Kinect to use this demo

9 thoughts on “Demo: Just Dance 3

  1. It’s completely evident that you (Microsoft) no longer care about the rampant cheating in Halo 3. I know the game is old, but seriously come on. It’s so deeply frustrating as a player to get rank***ed into oblivion because I’m trying to play the game honestly while everyone around me is cheating.

  2. Over 5 years since the 360 launched, stacks of minor and major updates, hundreds of games launched and Microsoft STILL cannot work out a way to allow me to change my country of residence from IRL to UK 🙁  I know that this imposition derives from content licensing restrictions but I am left in the situation were I’ve NO choice but to keep accessing content that, due to my changed location, MS should not be allowing me to use.  Freedom of movement in the EU doesn’t exist in the world of XBL!

  3. not a bad game actually, its like a cheap dane central rip off, but the songs selection craps all over any other dance game, but u cant see yourself or wat your doing wrong, you just kinda mudd#l your way through, especially since they arent the moves that u hav seen in the video clips ect…
    are dance moves copyrighted now or something?
    as for being the no.1 dance game in america, i’d like to know how they came to that conclusion.
    feels cheap and rushed, also froze a few times…
    but its got apache and around the world, so its not all bad….

    …barbra streisand…

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