Xbox 12 Days of Deals: Day 12

Modern Warfare® 2

Call of Duty 4
Today save on the following Call of Duty 4 & Call of Duty MW2 games and content:

  Normal Price Today Only Savings
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2  Varies  By  Region
Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package 1200 600 50%
Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Pack 1200 600 50%
Call of Duty 4 Varies  By  Region
Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack 800 400 50%


  • Dr Merzberz

    How come COD4 isn’t on games on demand in aus?

    I miss that game


  • Robert Allen

    I was expecting MW3 or BF3 on demand.. that would of been an awesome NewYear Start.. but I already got them.. but id pay for it again to not have to put in a disc… 


  • Matt Smith

    I must apologize to M$ for my comment about not making good deals (which might I add my comment got about 10 likes). I realized MS is not giving us bad deals, matter of fact they even state so! Its called “Days of Deals”, legaly it doens’t say “GOOD days of deals”, so technically the deals do not have to be good!

    My bad M$! I guess I just needed to investagate how you word things! 

    ^—-The above has been brought to you by sarcasm!—-^


  • jellybelly

    These where the best 12 days of my life thanks Micro$h!t.


  • Marcelo Matias

    Now it’s $37 on Amazon


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