How to watch the last Microsoft CES Keynote

If you would like to watch the last Microsoft CES Keynote but can’t join us in Las Vegas…don’t worry! The Keynote will be streamed LIVE on the Microsoft Facebook page tonight at 9:30p ET/6:30p PT/0230 UTC.

What time you can you watch it in your time zone? Click here to find out

Head over to the Microsoft Facebook page to watch the stream.
I recommend not waiting until the last minute to jump in to watch the stream, swing by 15-20 minutes before and you’ll be all set.


34 thoughts on “How to watch the last Microsoft CES Keynote

    1. There likely will be a couple of Xbox related announcements (one probably being the XBLA House Party announcement that leaked this morning) but nothing worth staying up that late for.

      I definitely don’t expect anything about a new console (I really don’t think that’ll happen until E3 2013).

  1. Is there no other way to do this?  I dislike using Facebook for anything but sharing info with friends/family (and in fact have the “platform” turned off entirely, so no apps or third-party integrations work for me).

  2. It’d be really great if MS would stream events like these straight through to the 360. CES, E3, PAX, that would be really great for the core fans who are up on all the industry shenanigans and also bring new people into the fold. 
    I can remember when you guys did this for E3 one year (2006? 07?). It was really cool. 

    1. They never live streamed anything for E3. The E3 stuff they did (in 06 & 07 I believe. It was more than one year) was all downloadable videos that went up throughout the week.

      I definitely would love to see these keynotes/press briefings streamed to the console though. Great suggestion.

  3. My guess is that the Keynote will mostly be about what Microsoft did for the past year and not just for the Xbox 360 but the company as a whole. Some will probably be about Windows 8. I’ll be watching the BCS Championship game instead so I’ll have to check it out later.

  4. the only person in that entire building that was enthusiastic about that keynote was balmer.  That entire keynote was balls. CES and you are talking about kinect?  THERE AREN’T SOCCER MOMS AND KIDS THERE

  5. Microsoft should be able to put together a better keynote. Honestly your presentation left the impression you thought your user base are only capable of limited mental activity. Bing, the xbox dash and Windows 8 has been designed under this rule. Making something more usable don’t mean you have to simplify to a child’s level. 
    Watch the sesame street part of your presentation then watch the rest of the keynote and take note if your talking to the same audience the game was. At least the sesame street game thought the audience could count to 4. The Windows 8 presentation didn’t think we could remember a few numbers: Click on the fish to unlock my computer…I can’t cook, I’d better send this recipe to my husband. Embarrassing. 

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