Demo: Syndicate Co-op

SyndicateContent: Syndicate Co-op Demo
Price: Free
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Syndicate is a re-imagination of the classic 1993 Syndicate game – a cyber punk FPS set in a dystopian world where large Syndicates rule and Business is War. In the 4-player co-op demo, team-up to take down rival Syndicate Cayman Global. Blast your way in and utilize your military grade DART6 chip to breach enemies and the environment as you battle for market dominance and your life. Some takeovers are more hostile than others.

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28 thoughts on “Demo: Syndicate Co-op

  1. Does this demo support online co-op?  If so, does everyone need to have an Xbox Live Gold account?  There’s no point in downloading the demo if it’s only offline co-op.

  2. Also, can I play with just people on my Friends list, or only random people?  I would only play the game with people on my Friends list, so I need the demo to reflect that.

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