Arcade: Gotham City Imposters

Gotham City ImpostorsContent: Gotham City Imposters
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: A 6 vs. 6 first person shooter, Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer game unlike any other, giving players the opportunity to rebel against conformity as they customize their own characters. Posing as amateur vigilantes or villains, gamers create their own Bats and The Jokerz characters using unprecedented customization options including insane costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons.

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50 thoughts on “Arcade: Gotham City Imposters

  1. It’s awesome, and fun. Five maps, three versus modes and a lot of customization (apart from the DLCs). You need to get used to the mechanics, and you’ll have time, as there are 1000 levels to rank up! It has CoD style gameplay and a Team Fortress 2 meets Bioshock 2 multiplayer feel. It’s a really good game, and I can only hope people buy this game to let it live for a long time, and if the devs support it as they have to, it can become one of the best multiplayer arcade games ever.

      1. yeah you’re right to the moron who is complaining about day 1 paid dlc, it’s not dlc it’s a SHORT cut for those with some spare MSP and it is ONLY for cosmetic.

    1. They’re CLOTHES. The dlc doesn’t make your character more pwerful, give him/her any new weapons, or increase their experience level, etc. Do you play Call of Duty to unlock new helmets? The incentive to play this game is not affected at all.

  2. I played the beta back in December, it was good, lots of cuztomisation but as most multiplayer driven games (specially XBLA ones) I doubt this game will have a big community and longevity.

    Games like Monday Night Combat or Blacklight Tango Down suffer from this and quickly faded away.

    If your interested in this game jump on it now while its new, because in 4 or 6 months time its gonna be difficult to find games.

    1.  yup i agree will be hard to find games was hoping their would be some sort of single player campaign to justify the 15buck price tag only multiplayer with five maps and three versus mode will die shortly i played the beta and it got real boring after 30 mins of playing

    2. If they allowed bots in this it’d be an insta-buy since I really loved the Beta, but $15 for a game that will be nothing but menus in less than a year is a hard purchase to make. If a year passes and the community is still strong then that’d be amazing, from what I know Battlefield 1943 has been the only XBLA (if not the only then one of the very few) multiplayer only game to pull that feat off.

      1.  Partially the beta but mostly past experiences with XBLA shooters, which don’t seem to hold an audience for any significant length of time.

      2. There havent been really that many online competitive games comparable to this one. Generally, any of these games that are fairly successful tend to last as long as theyre distanced from Call of duty…..until the next Call of Duty comes out.

      3.  I really hope I’m wrong. The beta was quite a bit of fun so I hope they find great success with the game & people are continuing to play it for months.

      4. Actually there have been a few, Monday Night Combat and Blacklight Tango Down are both for XBLA and the community for both dropped sharply in just a few months.

        Multiplayer driven XBLA games don’t have a very long life expectancy.

      5. Those games came out in the summer, several months before Call of Duty, so that would make sense. In general, I think these games are for a lot of people just a distraction to tide them over until the two or three fall games (Call of Duty) come out, and then their playerbases die. Gotham Imposters is the only one to come out early in the year.

      6.  best XBL purchase I’ve ever made, compared to the BULLSHIT CoD map packs and halo map packs etc this game is SOOOO worth 15 bucks. I’m level 25 right now…  975 to go… with TONS and TONS of unlockable costume items, save up to a 1k coins and you got a sick outfit

      7. I know my favorite part of CoD is when I would use roller skates to go off ramps while laying down bear traps to trap my enemies while I shoot at them with my freeze ray. At least…I think you can do that stuff in CoD…afterall GCI is a “clone” of it, so it’s gotta be in there.

    1. I was going to buy GCI  but on Tuesday when i saw the flood of add ons for this game it made me sick which why even though i enjoyed the game an really want it i refuse to buy it i hope the community on it dies quickly

      1. For god’s sake. The things to buy as DLC are clothes and stuff that you can unlock eventually in-game without having to spend a cent. They’re there as DLC for those who want to customize their characters without having to wait. Wishing a game’s failure just because you pay attention to what misleading gaming sites say is pathetic. Good luck with your life.

      2. I know what the DLC does which why i refuse to buy it, DLC short cut packs are pointless why play the game if all items are able to be bought there no reward items for the people who work hard to unlock it

      3. They aren’t “short cuts,” they’re simply cosmetic stuff: clothing, etc, that you’d unlock later in the game anyway. They don’t effect gameplay in any way, so they aren’t really shortcuts to anything. 

      4. So because someone can buy in-game clothing for their character early…that’s why you won’t get this game? Either you have some weird issues…or you’re just trying to save face from looking ignorant from your first comment.

      1. No, I think I did, I just think its silly whenever somebody assumes that not liking something means theyre just dismissing it in favor of something else.

      2. You have to admit that the majority of people out there are consumed because of the commercialization and the popularity of titles. Like some games that i wont mention. So what it comes down to is your just up here trying to be smart when really you still didnt understand. So now your going to be defensive and aggravated and will now mostly likely have some stupid witty come back that will make you feel better.

  3. According to an admin on the official Gotham City Impostors forums…there’s free DLC coming out some time next month including a new map, 2 new weapons, a new gadget, and a new Fun Fact (perk).

  4. “This loud, stupid, clumsy thing — [Batman breaks gun.] This is the weapon of our enemy. We do not need it. We will not use it. Our weapons are quiet — precise. In time, I will teach them to you. Tonight, you will rely on your fists — and your brains. Tonight WE are the law. Tonight, I am the law. Let’s ride.” – Batman to Sons of Batman gang, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

  5. So you don’t care about other people’s opinions, but you seem to think your opinions are so important that you should post them and they should be read by others? How conceited and egotistical of you.

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