e, Stepto and I try our first Hangout On Air

We tried a Hangout On Air yesterday. Below is the archive of the full hour and sixteen minutes. Not sure how often we’ll do this. It certainly won’t replace the podcast, but it may be perfect for those weeks when we can’t all get together in the same place. Tell us what you think in the comments

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36 thoughts on “e, Stepto and I try our first Hangout On Air

  1. I didn’t get to see it live, but a “video podcast” was something I wanted for a long time. Get Laura in and do this more often. Maybe do one simultaneously with the podcast recording so when you are showing each other things, we can see them too. This Hangout thing is just awesome. Definitely do more!  

  2. Major…I realize that this is off topic, but I recently got back into Game Room.  Where is the support?  Freezing issues suck….as I’ve spent a good amount on games.  New games?  I think MS is really dropping the ball on this one.  

  3. Loved the Hangout, Major you should atleast do it once a month and get Laura in on it too.

    I thought E might of showed off his skylanders collection

    I found it more fun than the Podcast so it be nice to have both

  4. This was a good idea. I think you guys should do this in addition to the podcast. Have the regular podcast every week about gaming and then have this every once in awhile talking about anything and everything. Keep up the good work Major!

  5. I love this. It’ll allow us to keep Stepto in the “family” while he pursues his dreams outside of Microsoft. Laura needs to be in on this too if she can. Just doing this once a month or so when your schedules permit I think would be great.

    The thing I love about the podcast the most is the interplay between all of you. I have no doubt that’ll still happen on the podcast because E and Laura aren’t going anywhere but all of you together with Stepto makes it that much better.

  6. Larry, you need to do something about the feedback on your end.  It’s annoying.  I don’t know if your volume is too loud, or if your speakers are active when your headphones are plugged in, but fix it. 🙂

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