Arcade: I Am Alive

I Am Alive™Content: I Am Alive
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: One year after a worldwide cataclysmic event has wiped out most of human civilization, a man struggles for survival. Faced with an insecure, decaying, and hazardous world, he scours a desolated city, searching for his long lost wife and daughter. Survive the suffocating, murky streets covered in dust. Climb the teetering remains of the last standing skyscrapers to reach breathable air and find untouched resources. Explore the crumbling ruins of a once-thriving metropolis. And discover a changed human condition, punctuated by distrustful survivors, dangerous armed gangs, and victims in need.

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15 thoughts on “Arcade: I Am Alive

  1. bought it.          whats next?     I’m spending so much on arcade games these days major when they going to reduced the price of fat hard drives my 120Gb is running low i need a 250GB

    1.  bought it as well hope its good been spending points on arcade games as well as DLC how about a drive bigger than a 250GB have to keep deleting things and its getting old.

      1.  or i could change out my 250 and put the new one in my phats harddrive but dont feel like taking anything apart at the moment and im sure not buying a new 360 when i got the jasper unit and havent had a single issue

  2. Don’t listen to those reviewers that gave it low scores. I’m about 3 hours in and there’s nothing wrong with I Am Alive. It’s fun, different, and sure to keep you busy for quite a while.

      1. It definitely has that feel to it. Greg Miller from IGN knocked it because of the graphics, but I think they really do the game justice, considering it’s an arcade title.

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