Call of Duty Elite Premium Members: March Content is ready

If you are a Call of Duty Elite Premium Member, your March content is now available. The below three drops are now available exclusively for Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite Premium Members only.

Modern Warfare® 3 Elite Drop 4: Black Box
Battle beside a downed Air Force One in "Black Box." Multi-level homes overlook the neighboring streets, creating a deadly kill zone for players on the ground. With clear sight lines from house to house, however, snipers are far from safe, with counter-sniping an ever-present threat to their dominance. Those that prefer close-quarters combat can succeed in the tight confines of the crashed airplane or in hunting down enemies posted up within any of the surrounding homes

Elite Drop 5: Black Ice
Shred ice from aboard your snowmobile as you infiltrate a diamond mine in the Special Ops mission, "Black Ice." Melt more than snow when you plant high-grade explosives to shut the mine down forever. This marks the first time Special Ops has been made downloadable online in franchise history.

Elite Drop 6: Negotiator
Cash in all your karma as you head to India for high-stakes hostage extraction in "Negotiator," an all-new Special Ops mission in which you’ll breach-and-clear rooms and navigate surface streets to secure the safety of your VIPs. This marks the first time Special Ops has been made downloadable online in franchise history

  You’ll need a copy of Call of Duty: MW3 to use this content

Remember: If you are already a Call of Duty Elite Premium member, the above content and all previous content is included as part of you subscription. Watch the video below to see how to access the content.

Have more questions? Read this CoD Elite FAQ cheat sheet that One of Swords put together.


  • Nick Plonka

    OMG, the new maps come with a few new achievements 😀


    • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

      Yeah, the “Save all the hostages” one is frustrating to achieve it’s really run and gun, hoping you and them survive.
      I think the DLC is great! Love that they include more Spec Ops survival maps and missions with this game instead of just being multiplayer maps.


  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if they have enabled 4 player survival mode?


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