Win Access to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier with the multiplayer Beta

Get your hands on the all new Ghost Recon Future Soldier with the multiplayer Beta.  It will give you a first glimpse at the multiplayer aspect of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, and let you play with, and compete against, your friends online.

How do you win? In the comments below let me know what your favorite Ghost Recon game has been (on any platform) over the past 11-years.

On Friday at 3p ET/12n PT I’ll choose 10 random winners and send you a code.

Good luck.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier is available on May 22nd.

One entry per person please!


Also: If you have a copy of Splinter Cell Conviction…pop it in your console and you can download the beta from the main menu!

437 thoughts on “Win Access to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier with the multiplayer Beta

  1. Raptr is giving these away  to those “Newbie or above in the top 10 Xbox 360 games or a previous Ghost Recon (360) or Assassin’s Creed (360) game”. They only have 20,000 left though. (Sorry if this is a double post. 1st one didn’t seem to go through.)

  2. Tom Clancy Desert seige was my favortie due to the aspects of the game and the nature of the mechanics… I loved it and i still play it on windows XP.

  3. The original Ghost Recon on the Xbox. I will never forget the early days of Xbox Live and playing the Farm map with my buddy, laying there literally scared because we knew there was someone out there, an actual person, hunting us down. Sounds silly, but it was awesome! =)

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