Spike TV to present “Xbox: Entertainment Evolved” From E3 2012

Today Spike TV announced that they’ll be carrying our 90-minute E3 Briefing ‘Xbox: Entertainment Evolved’ LIVE from LA next month. Tune in to Spike TV on Monday, June 4th at 12:30p ET/ 9:30a PT to catch all the news .

In addition, for the first time ever you’ll be able to watch the event on Xbox LIVE.

Promo video below:

E3 All Access Live Preview
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50 thoughts on “Spike TV to present “Xbox: Entertainment Evolved” From E3 2012

      1. Will it be worldwide on Xbox Live as well? I don’t get Spike TV anymore (I’m in Canada) so I’ll have to watch it online & Xbox Live would be much preferred to hooki my laptop up to my TV.

      1. The Summer of Arcade will likely be announced at E3 so, most likely those games for certain, not to mention a few set for later in the year.

    1. How many more redundant apps could they make?

      Skype, could be alright if I can use it while playing games (probably not going to happen.)
      Xbox team should be making more stuff like party chat and beacons, why they haven’t done some kind of cool customized clan system is beyond me – every competitive gamer would never buy a multiplat on ps3 again. Heck even a bump in the friends list would be a whole lot more exciting then these TV apps.

    2. My bet is: A few shooters, more TV apps and more Kinect.
      I really hope I’m wrong.

      Oh, and to Microsoft: if you are betting on wp7 games, get a phone on the market with physical buttons. Think xperia play, but with xbla content. This would blow both the 3ds and the vita out of the water, as the most heard comment is “yes, I know you can game on phones, but you can’t seriously game on a touchscreen”.

  1. “In addition, for the first time ever you’ll be able to watch the event on Xbox LIVE.”

    My eyes, do they deceive me? I can watch Microsoft’s E3 conference without having to be subjected to Spike? Best news yet.

      1. Is it a stream of the Spike broadcast, or it is simply a steam of the conference; Major doesn’t make that all too clear.

        Either way, I’d rather watch it on XBL, but it’s probably going to be buffering half the time, so Spike is going to be the one I’ll watch, anyways; I’ll be working that day, so I’m going to DVR it, put my RSS feed to the side and watch it once I get home.

    1. I played it during Pax East and let me tell you…this is the hardcore Kinect game I’ve been waiting for. Game play with the controller for great accuracy but full Kinect integration for many tank functions. I think it’s a great from the ground up title not just a slap on Kinect game but the real deal.

  2. Minecraft will be there Black Ops will hit up a little sneak peak of its “Zombies” hopefully then some console and advertisement partner ups and to top it off the big Halo 4 revealing Demo most likely the 4th level of the campaign (: lets all hope they release the E3 demo to Marketplace for us to play till November 6 (:

  3. I have a feeling they’re going to do something like CoD always does and play like 10 minutes of Halo 4 for the crowd, just to try and shut up all the naysayers. Just because of that I’m probably not going to watch the conference. There is a lot of mystery to the campaign right now and we’re six months from launch, so I hope they don’t ruin it. Stick with a short campaign trailer and a multiplayer demo on the floor please.

  4. Is this going to stream Live! over XBL as well? I would rather watch it live streamed via XBL than watching it on SpikeTV to be honest. Or are you going to have it available in it’s entirety over live the day after? I don’t see any information around the nets.

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