Win It Before You Can Buy it: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

The highly anticipated title Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade this Wednesday and I have your chance to win a copy first and free. All you need to do is leave a comment below (Sign in using your Twitter account – OR leave your twitter user name in the comments) and let me know what you are looking forward to building in Minecraft. THEN be sure you are following me on Twitter. (Click the button below to be sure)

After 6p ET/3p PT on Tuesday, May 8th I’ll randomly choose 10 Winners and DM them a code for a free copy of Minecraft:Xbox 360 Edition that you can download and play immediately before it goes on sale Wednesday morning.

That’s it. Pretty simple. Good luck!

Comment below (not on Twitter) with what you want to build in Minecraft
(Use your Twitter account + be sure to follow me on Twitter)
(Maybe win and) Play Minecraft:Xbox 360 Edition before everyone else
Watch your friends be jealous


  • Ben Horne

    Gonna build myself a fort full of adventure and awesomeness!


  • Matthew Guthrie

    I would build a replica of Antarctica since the Polar Bear is one of my
    favorite animals, and to see their world disappear rapidly is quite
    saddening. I might not be able to go to Antarctica but building and
    witnessing something close to it in Minecraft will certainly make me
    feel a little better.


  • steven

    i would build im a winner at 6:00 tower


  • Ricardo Cordero



  • Major Nelson

    Comments are now closed…choosing winners now. Watch my Twitter account for the winners names


  • Kyle Hollenbeck

    a little short on cash so hoping i can win a copy i know all my friends are getting a copy… hooray for coop


  • Eric Bee

    What fun! I would build a palace devoted to various shenanigans through history.


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