Join us for a Prometheus G+ Video Hangout tonight

If you are looking for something to do tonight for an hour, join me, e and Stepto as we discuss (and try to decipher)  the movie Prometheus tonight (Sunday 10 June) at 10p ET/7p PT (what time is that in your time zone?) I’ll set up a Google Plus Video Hangout where we will go over the plot points and discuss what this movie meant to us as fans of the Alien franchise. It goes without saying that this discussion will be filled with spoilers. We are going to openly go over characters, plot points etc. in depth.

Do not join us if you have not seen the film!

Once we are live, I’ll post a link on Twitter or you can just add me to a circle and you’ll see the Hangout pop up in your feed.





Edit: If you missed the live hangout, here is the archive:


  • Rob Kent

    No XBL activity :O


    • Major Nelson

      Not during E3 week. I will be back next week!


  • J.A.J.G. Thiéfaine

    “as fans of the Alien franchise.” Don’t get me wrong, I thought the movie was well enough, but…
    don’t go watch that movie hoping it is anything like Alien(s) or a direct prequel to Alien…you have been warned. Otherwise you’ll be sorely disappointed.

    Also, there is footage of Guy Pearce in the role of the younger Peter Weyland. Just look on YouTube and search for “Prometheus TED 2023”. I have no doubt there will be a Director’s Cut of the film (like many Sir Ridley Scott films) that will feature more footage like this clip and give more explanation to some things (e.g. Kingdom of Heaven changed dramatically).


  • G.I.Gamer™

    Looking forward to checking out my first “Hangout”.


  • daniel_alexan80

    I agree with Steptoe on so many points. Here’s my hypothesis.

    I’m going use the Halo universe as my point of comparison.

    The Engineers like the Precursors from Halo (read Halo: Cryptum, Primordium) are a super advanced specied. Their concerns are mostly in matters of existence, life and the balance of nature. In Halo The Precursors use the Flood, which starts as a chemical compound, which then modifies the hosts DNA as means to judge the species, biologically and socially. That’s abit vague, but I’m just trying to summarise.

    In Prometheus we see this as the black goo. The engineer consumes the black goo, his DNA is broken down, then starts to rebuild as something else. Human DNA, or some lifeform. Maybe even the Xenomorph, that’s how they made it into Aliens vs. Predators 1.

    Also the fact that engineers have died in the film Prometheus suggests that an outbreak occured. The remaining ships on that planet could simply be the ships that didn’t escape. The one ship that did escape, carried a xenomorph Queen, which killed the Engineer crew, causing the crash landing of the ship that we see in the film Alien. This is why we see alien eggs on the ship instead of canisters.

    Shaw, after these events, and the other human crew discover LV-223 on which the black goo is harvested and contained. When they wake up the engineer, he kills them probably because he assumes they’ve either been contaminated or breached the black goo containment. Or simply that their presence was proof that a plan has fail. Hypothetically, a plan to harvest more black goo on earth. The humans too be used as cows to harvest xenomorphs which are then to be transformed back into a black goo state. However intervention of the Predator aliens prevented this from happening, since the xenomorphs were hunted for sport.

    After the events of Prometheus, Shaw takes an abandoned ship, with David, in search of the Engineer home planet, which may not exist. Since being an advanced species, they may have no need or desire for natural environments, an simply occupy artificial constructs away from nature. For example, a planet sized space station.

    There’s more I could try to explore, but argh, too much. So glad to have a good sci-fi to finally talk about. A long time waiting, seriously.


    • JamesGrattan

      stuff at the beginning we have some idea why,but what would of been the right thing to say to the awaking engineer is more the question ??? ,he didn’t like ,we come in peace, please help us to live forever,why did you create us didn’t work too well….maybe they should of tried saying,we have come to destroy you,destroy the universe,torture you,give you everlasting pain(cenobite style!) and tea bag you perhaps ???


  • Chris I Huw Andrew

    I think the opening sequence is a seeding of the human race.
    At the end of the movie, Shaw leaves supposedly in serch of the Space Jockey Home or other worlds they inhabit looking for an answer to our creation.
    I doubt that the ship she leaves in is the ship from Alien.
    At the end of the movie the creature that immerges from the Space Jockey (without the exoskelleton) looks very much like the alien we know from the alien movies. I think the space jockeys come back to LV 223 and are contaminated by the new alien and in trying to escape, crash on LV 426 and that sets up Alien.
    Just my opinion.


  • aStrangeDisease

    I am excited for this movie. If it doesn’t fit perfectly with the previous Alien movies, oh well, I don’t care. NONE OF IT IS REAL!
    Ps, I do own and love the first four Alien movies. AvP doesn’t count as it is ridiculous.


  • Victor Henrique Tavares Soares

    Where`s the mass effect hang out ?


  • Eduardo Breda

    Nice video, guys. I find it interesting to watch you 3 discuss the movie, and you should do it again with other films. Let us know in advance! Thanks
    Ed Balboa (gamertag)


  • Adinnieken

    The hologram was a warning message. Indicating something went wrong. Basically like an automatic ships log. We only get a part of the message.

    What happened on that ship was a containment problem, which got out of hand and killed the engineers.
    The engineer in the beginning commits suicide by consuming the liquid rather than distribute it. He’s not seeding life. The black liquid destroys the engineers, but transforms or improves other life forms. I think the initial purpose of the black liquid was to transform humanity into engineers. Basically take over a planet by changing them into your own race.

    We see this in the alluding to of the larval worms on the ground and the snake-like creature that is seen later on. The indigenous larva come into contact with black liquid and eventually transform.

    Charlie, is given the black liquid, which had he not been killed would have turned him into an engineer like it did Fifield, Shaw’s progeny is the result of the mutating zygote from Charlie and from Shaw. From what we can assume, human/engineer reproduction would have been bad. (Joking) It would appear that the DNA in transition resulted in the initial xenomrph form. A form not fully realized until the end of the film,

    The rapid growth seems to be an aspect of the black liquid. It’s intended to transform its intended target into an engineer quickly, which is why the progeny grows so quickly. But it is also adaptive meaning it can adapt any DNA it comes in contact with, which may explain why the xenomorphs do the same.
    The are still some interesting questions raised. The snake-like creature is similar to the facehugger. As well, is the green goo (resin) and acidic blood. My guess is that the xenomorph isn’t done. That what eventually happens is that the snake-like creature and the xenomorph combine. The result being the xenomorph in Alien.


  • Karl Cramer

    I greatly admired the symbolism and subtext but Prometheus didn’t hold up as a movie on its own merits. In fact, it was pretty bad. This sums it best:


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