Demo: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

PES 2013Content: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Demo No. 1
Price: Free
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Dash Text: Experience the skill and technique demanded by PES 2013’s total football. As teams fuelled by Pro-Active AI make runs and behave like real players, PES 2013’s all-new Full Control elements give you total control over every move – with fully manual shooting meaning that no two goals will be the same. Player ID then adds further depth, as the best players move and behave just like their real-life counterparts. Get an early sample of PES 2013’s gameplay.

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6 thoughts on “Demo: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

  1. Right on! I intentionally skip every other iteration of the series. Don’t really feel there is enough evolution year to year. Let’s hope 2013 brings back PES to its former glory.

    Mind you, I think it is still the best football simulation available. If it only had all the licenses that EA’s FIFA has.

    1. Hasn’t been the same since 2006, after which they ruined a good series. I was a big PES fan, now I can’t help but laugh at how ridiculous the game is every time I play the new demo each year. These are more arcade than simulation.

      1. I still have my copy of Winning Eleven 9 =D.
        And yes, I agree with what you say. It has gone downhill. But still better than FIFA, despite their attempts at mimicking FIFA’s own ridiculousness.

      2. I own 2009, and 2011… and yet I still find myself playing the 2008 version. The moves got sexier, and the AI got smarter, but it just plays so weirdly. Everything feels kinda ‘wrong’. Actually I feel that PES 6 / 2008 are more ‘arcadey’ but that’s why they’re better. In 2011/2013 I turn the game speed up to try to match but it still doesn’t feel as good as the old ones 🙁
        Might have to get FIFA *sniff sniff*

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