New Microsoft logo

After 25 years, I’d say it was time for an refresh. Above is the new one that you’ll start seeing pop up over the next few months. Back story and more on the Microsoft Blog.

62 thoughts on “New Microsoft logo

    1. LAMO !

      It’s the way to go nowadays… in the 90s if someone did that they’d called him incompetent designer. Now corps are too much into “cleaning” their logos… wich ultimately feels like lacking personality.

      Justo look at DC comics’ logo now… awww.

      BTW Microsoft is two black stripes far from infringeing Mondrian’s copyright 😉

    1. It shouldn’t be a “full” refresh, It still needs to hold some of it’s brand identity. Also if they were using it at times at the MS store, that means they were slowly bringing it public (“rolling it out”, so to speak)

  1. I don’t like it, ive always prefer the wavy flag style windows logo, changing the logo after such a long time would be like changing the red stop sign
    it going to look silly on future keyboards

      1. Point is they changed the company logo. the logo was there image when you see the logo you who it was, this new one is to close to the AVG logo and without the word “microsoft” youd mistake it for AVG logo

      1. It is probably cool to down vote, or it is a sense of rebelling, or to conform with nonconformists so they too can be “unique”… or maybe they don’t want new IPs, or don’t like new XBLA games, or possibly new IP retail games (I will look it up Phil, thanks. I hope its true, the XBLA game looks great so far, would love to see a full retail game.). Either way, I know I will be getting a ton of kids down voting this. lol.

    1. This is just the MS logo, Xbox will still have its own logo that is different from it’s main logo (which is pretty much MS’s logo as a software company)

      1. Not talking about Xbox. I’m talking about a company logo that is very closely related to one of it’s products, which in my mind ties it very close to it. But they don’t just do Windows.

  2. Terrible. Thank goodness I don’t by my products based upon their logo. I would love to see what got voted off the island if this is what survived.

  3. Just like the Windows 8 (Metro) interface, they are reducing things down to the lowest common denominator. I’m sorry, but making things simpler looking does not make it better.

      1. But it always has clearly been meant to represent window panes, but stylised to add a little creativity to it. It seems odd to go back and make it more primitive now.

        I suppose you could argue that is exactly what the new Win8 UI is doing so its somewhat fitting, but just seems an odd thing to do.

  4. From the one video i have seen they seem to do a lot with the “boring squares” everyone seems to hate. Logo’s are made to be easily recognizable and relate able. With windows 8, and the new roll out of all MS products, keeping it simple is obviously the theme, and this logo works with it perfectly. The internet is so cynical, It’s not about the logo, its what they do with it. Everyone seems to want to hate on the most minute things, for no apparent reason. It seems like no one’s mother except mine, said things like “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.”

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