Demo: Harry Potter for Kinect

Harry Potter™ for Kinect™Content: Harry Potter for Kinect
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Dash Text: Experience Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry like never before in the all-new Harry Potter for Kinect video game exclusively on KINECT™ for Xbox 360®. Using KINECT capability, scan your face to create a wizard avatar that looks like you – and then play with that avatar in the game.



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Note: You’ll need a Kinect sensor to play this demo


  • Russell Gorall

    This could work out well, you never know.


    • Buster Wolf

      I’m pretty sure “this game will be bad” is a safe bet.


  • Hugoku

    The game cover is abysmal. I hope it’s not final.


    • Miller

      The game is abysmal, I hope it’s not finished.


  • Eric Starr

    Just hope it’s not like the Kinect integration they used in the last Potter game – that was horrid


  • Russell Gorall

    What is the endpoint for the demo? For ten minutes I beat on the three character models that kept coming after me, then I just exited the demo.

    My wife liked it.


    • Darth Vargi

      For the bridge mode? I have no idea. The only mode I could finish LOL was Quidditch. The other two actually beat me pretty badly after a while, I haven’t tried it on casual though. I have to admit I’m somewhat less than impressed and I actually liked Kinect Star Wars (just so you know, I don’t mind family games if they are done well).

      If anyone is interested in real gameplay that I recorded here is a link: it still is uploading though at this minute so give it about 10 minutes.


  • arkhunter

    Is this the same game that launched with Kincect? (or was out close to launch)


  • chiron69

    And after a “flash” of good offers on XBLive, we’re back to the same old “Try to sell the games that don’t sell that well anymore”, instead of giving us customers i.e Fallout New Vegas DLC’s (NOT Fallout3 again,please!) or reducing prices on quality games that people aren’t that aware of. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft want the customers to play the best games on XBLive, or if they want to sell games and DLC’s that most people already have, just to “spare” the developers/gamepublishers for a bigger income, when the titles are slashed. 😐 It’s so disappointing how expensive it is to buy i.e Fallout: New Vegas, and it’s DLC’s online, if I buy the Special Edition of the game on DVD, that includes ALL DLC’s (like Fallout3 was released), it costs around a third to a fourth of the price on XBLive, PLUS I get the game and DLC’s on DVD’s, so that I can save my HD-space if needed.

    I seriously hope Microsoft takes a look at their business model very soon, it doesn’t make sense that I have to pay double or three times the price for “Birds of Steel” on Games on Demand, instead of buying the DVD in the store.
    Best regards


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