Demo: NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13Content: NBA 2K13 Online Demo
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Dash Text: Play one quarter of gameplay from the 2012 NBA Finals as the Miami Heat take on the Oklahoma City Thunder. Choose to play online over Xbox LIVE (Xbox Gold Subscription required) or offline against the AI or a friend sitting next to you. This NBA 2K13 demo also includes full Kinect support, allowing you to set strategies, call plays, make substitutions and more with intuitive verbal commands.


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  • Chris Grub

    How does one import custom chants into FIFA 13 with a USB key? Can’t be done.


  • Russell Gorall

    Another roster update and a year subscription service to online play for sixty bucks. Now brought to you by a washed up rapper.


  • Newjerzfinest

    I have this game & its the TRUTH!!!! I am upset that somr players are missing from certain teams like chris webber missing on the classic kings team & dr.Jay, kareem abdul jabbar to name a few but whats in this masterpiece is biblical!!! 2K did it even better… & wait until u see what shoes they post inn this year! The FOAMPOSITE ONES, FLIGHTPOSITES & PROS FINALLY!!!


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