Mass Effect 3 Game add-on: Retaliation Multiplayer Expansion

Mass Effect™ 3Content: Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Multiplayer Expansion
Price: Free
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Dash Text: The Black Arks have arrived! In Mass Effect 3: Retaliation, Harbinger unleashes a new wave of terror on the galaxy: the Collector legions! Battle this all-new fourth enemy faction as well as reinforcements to existing factions like the Cerberus Dragoon and Geth Bomber. Face environmental hazards on the original six game maps, and achieve victory with new ammo powers, gear pieces, kits for the turians and volus, and Collector weapons! .


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  • Russell Gorall

    Funny how that day one DLC, for paying sixty bucks for a game, and ending has bit them in the butt so much they have to pump stuff like this out just for PR.


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