Arcade: Karateka

KaratekaContent: Karateka
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: From PRINCE OF PERSIA creator Jordan Mechner, the original side-scrolling karate classic comes to XBLA with art by Jeff Matsuda (BATMAN: The Animated Series) and music by Grammy-winning composer Christopher Tin (CIVILIZATION IV). Fight to save the lovely Mariko from the evil warlord Akuma and reunite her with her True Love!


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  • Luke Es | sE ekuL

    Karra-teeka! My favourite! 😀


  • MacPh1sto

    I’ve been excited for this since I first heard it was being remade. I fondly remember the days of playing the original on the Apple IIe, especially the nasty surprise at the end if you didn’t save the princess the right way haha.


  • Thânia Santos

    I just tested the demo
    It is one of the worst game I have experienced since “expendable2”.
    each fight is like some boring repetitive Quick time event!!!

    and then the demo ends!
    is that all?
    I expected far better.

    Kung fu strike make a better job as “unofficial remake” of karateka.


    • ChinoM

      You are absolutely right. Already deleted the trial. Honestly i wouldn’t buy this even if was priced at 200 msp. It’s awful.
      And yes, KungFu Strike is more Karateka than this. You should learn the game to achieve these S ranks. Karateka 2012 is just like some on rail qte fest.


  • 90180360



  • Hugoku

    Can’t wait to try this one. The comments below do make me concerned though.


    • fsdfg dsfds

      Your comments on every single thing suck balls


      • ɾosɥ ɥɐɐs

        Unwarranted harassment for the win!


  • kingcrusher

    Wow, not sure why anyone would waste 800 points on this. Putting it nicely, this game bites. I’m just a little baffled at what they were thinking.


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