Arcade: Warlords

WarlordsContent: Warlords
Price: 800 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Show no mercy and take no prisoners as you fight to the death for title of the almighty Warlord. Defend your castle from mischievous minions and ferocious fireballs in this whimsical reinvention of the beloved classic. In the ultimate battle of speed, strategy and survival, command your troops with shrewdness and skill to capture control points, collect power-ups and destroy the other warring factions!

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8 thoughts on “Arcade: Warlords

  1. Wow, another game with 200 gamerscore. MS (or someone) is making Major Nelson look bad since he said on his blog here that after June (?) all arcade games would be 400 gamerscore.

      1. Tried deleting and redownloading, still loops at the intro screen.

        Yar’s Revenge remake was a destruction of my childhood, and it seems the Warlords remake will continue down this path…

    1. NBA, you live in Kirkland, why don’t you head over to Griptonite and bang on their door. Get them to patch it immediately so it actually works and has 400 score. 😀

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