Xbox LIVE Marketplace CyberMonday Deals

The Xbox LIVE Marketplace team has placed the following content on sale for 50% off for today (Cyber Monday ) only.

Content Standard Price Discount Price
Expendables 2 1200 600
The Expendables 2 Full Access and Upgrade 240 120
Gotham City Impostors 1200 600
Bloodforge 1200 600
Real Steel 800 400
Shadow Complex 1200 800
Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream 560 280


  • Marco

    IMAGINE if MS treated steam as actual competition, it’s madness that we pay yearly and we don’t get any sort of deals, I am kind of baffled by all of this…and when they tout how much gold members they have at their next E3 conference …i’ll just shake my head knowing that i’ve been getting rip off for years now…some of the games on demand are so much cheaper elsewhere why isn’t the place to get everything i need at the actual market place…seriously if MS was competing against steam it would be the god of all consoles.


  • G2

    I’ve been a Live member since beta testing Live on the original xbox, and I’ve reached a point where I can’t justify the price of Live when compared to value that PS Plus offers now on top of free online multiplayer. It’s frankly embarrassing by comparison now. MS should really take note. Plus is a service the truly rewards being a member with fantastic value, and I am considering making the next Sony system my system of choice based on the declining value of Live by comparison. I scoffed at Plus initially as well. Not to mention Day-1 digital far outclasses MS’s Games on Demand service now in terms of release windows and pricing.


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