Xbox System update going out today

I wanted to let you know that the team has just released a system update for the Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. Starting today when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update. If you are signed into LIVE already, you may be signed out and asked to accept the update and you’ll be back online in a few moments.

In this update, we are correcting some issues such as displaying the incorrect playlist name when launching a playlist from Xbox SmartGlass to the console, an error with Xbox Video closed-captioning and an error with Xbox Music that some were experiencing.

Thanks and we will see you online.


157 thoughts on “Xbox System update going out today

  1. Not sure what kind of connection you have, but this should be a QUICK download/update. No where near 15 minutes needed. This also does not go the HDD…it installs on a system section of memory. Nothing you’d ever have direct access to.

    1. It took both of my consoles at least 10 minutes. I don’t have the fastest connection, but still. I would love it if XBOX found a way to leave out all the filler in the updates, and just apply the new content to the current firmware/software already present on the system. I hope that made sense.

    2. Hoping you reply… I downloaded the update but now my xbox freezes when I have my HDD inserted. Without it, it works fine. I get past the startup with the logo and sounds but once it goes to the dashboard the white circle appears, loads for a bit, stops, loads for a bit more, and then completely freezes. Any ideas?

  2. what about adobe flash player update? >:O the youtube app blows and some videos lag really bad and internet explorer is dumb and it is useless unless they add adobe flash player 😉

  3. All you guys could try getting lives instead of arguing over pointless sh’t. I only googled the update because I came home and turned on 4od to watch Father Ted. Ffs grow up. They are consoles..not religion.

  4. Let’s hope this doesn’t kill anything.

    The update before the fall one bricked my Kinect.

    Before any of you say it was a coincidence head on over to the support forums, there’s a LOT of people who’ve had a Kinect bricked after an update.

  5. Smart Glass for WP7.5 still stinks, can’t play features like it’s suppose continuing movies or tv shows :/ Also, whatever happened to being able to pin your favorite movies and tv shows to “home”? I really don’t want to upgrade to Win8 phone JUST yet, just for a simple feature change :/ My Lumia 710 works absolutely fine and still new (5 months I’ve owned it)
    Though, I DO look forward in investing in the new Surface next year when it has Win8-Pro ;D! Totally psyched.

      1. nope update went fine last night, when i turned on the xbox today to play halo and it froze up. the comment below mine by dylan yapp claims similar issue. I hope microsoft will give me a replacement.

  6. I suggest that the next time you move, check out internet availability at the new address before finalizing. After that point, you only have one person to blame for a bad connection.
    I do notice that some of the satellite providers in the U.S. have really bad limits, but I use DSL (Centurylink), and while I only get 10Mb/s, I love the privacy, and unlimited data.

    1. a) When I last moved, internet wasn’t a thing to consider.

      b) Not in the US. I’m in Canada. Almost all providers up here have limits, some of them are horrendously low (like mine). I’ve heard of a new small ISPs that offer unlimited, but not many.

  7. After downloading the newest update for my Xbox I find that I can’t access anything past the initial profile selection screen. Every time I select a profile and the Xbox begins to access the dashboard it freezes. A couple of my friends are having the same problem with this new update. I was wondering if anything could be done to fix this??

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