Gears of War: Judgment Video: “The Guts of Gears”

A new video hit today (above) plus we announced that you’ll get  a copy of the Original Gears of War when you purchase “Gears of War: Judgment” at launch. Details in the press release below:

Original “Gears of War” Games on Demand tokens will be included in early copies of “Gears of War: Judgment,” offering fans and newcomers alike a fantastic way to experience the iconic game that started it all

Microsoft and Epic Games today unveiled a new “Gears of War: Judgment” video entitled “The Guts of Gears,” giving fans an in-depth preview of the most intense and action-packed “Gears” campaign yet in the highly anticipated blockbuster, which launches worldwide on March 19, 2013. Narrated by the game’s hero and fan-favorite character Lt. Baird, the video offers a sneak peek at the wealth of exciting new campaign features, including the dynamic Smart Spawn System, new weapons, dynamic defense scenarios, Declassified Missions, new player rewards, and more.

Additionally, Microsoft and Epic Games also announced that initial launch quantities of “Gears of War: Judgment” will include a Games on Demand Xbox LIVE download token for the epic game that started it all, “Gears of War,” in all worldwide regions except Germany.* Research indicates that more than half of the consumers who played “Gears of War 3” did so without having experienced the original title from Epic Games. This added bonus, a $19.99 value, offers veteran fans and newcomers alike a fantastic way to re-experience the iconic game that sparked one of this generation’s most beloved and critically-acclaimed franchises and connect with the prequel storyline of “Gears of War: Judgment.”

*The original “Gears of War” was not sold in Germany due to ratings restrictions, and therefore is not part of this promotion. All tokens are restricted to region-specific markets and will only work in the region they were purchased in.

22 thoughts on “Gears of War: Judgment Video: “The Guts of Gears”

    1. To not see this coming would be silly, being that Gears has a lot of history before where Gears 1 picked up, and before Judgment for that matter. Look up the Pendulum Wars. If Epic was to ever make that story line into a game, it would be the first Gears game with no locust. Just enough for two games to be based on it. It would be nothing but human on human killing. I seriously thought that was to be the next Gears game, but Judgment is almost close.

  1. I find it kind of stupid, I find it really sad.
    Putting Gears 1 on disc with Judgment would been the smart idea to have.
    Some people don’t have the Internet, I know that’s hard to take.
    That’s why I hate most game companies in this gen era of…..gaming world.

    1. that would be a tall order with the small DVDs xbox uses, the current is something like 9gb the original gears is something like 3.5gb and about 1gb has to be used for annoying xbox dashboard updates, leaving like 4gb for the game

      1. Didn’t stop them from making that Gears of War “Triple Pack” awhile back, now did it?
        It can be done, if they really want exposure to the first Gears game, it would had been wise to go that route but NO, they want to do stupid digital downloading. You can’t keep digital downloads if your profile gets out of your hands, you can however keep physical hard copies.

      2. A weird thing, i think microsoft thinks its more expensive to give us the copy of the game than giving us codes, but hey they sell those games ob demand really overpriced.

  2. I don’t think i’l be getting judgement, gears 3 was awesome but it didn’t have any staying power and after about a week it went from everyone myself included playing it, to pretty much no one. also it’s a prequel and will most likely end up being meh.

      1. For me the trilogy ended with 3 my interest in gears is lost, for a really lame ass crap they added in 3 the death of a chatacter, so stupid and that was just to have some stupid and cheap dramatic moment, just lame. Of course the story of all 3 wasnt that strong, but that destroyed the story.

    1. “it’s a prequel and will most likely end up being meh”
      Devil May Cry 3 wants a word with you.
      Wait, someone close to home is on the phone too, what’s that?
      Oh, the RAAM’s Shadow DLC also wants a word with you.

  3. So, it looks like they replaced the previously announced Max Payne 3 sales with Red Dead Redemption sales. Isn’t Microsoft great? (Yes, that was sarcasm).

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