Price: 400 Microsoft Points
Availability: Check availability in your Xbox LIVE region
Dash Text: Capcom’s pedigree arcade games are back! Take on players from around the world in "score attack" and even play together with online co-op! (Only for titles that support this feature.) Check out these classic games, now loaded with a "casual mode" geared towards newcomers and other new features. Try out "Black Dragon", "1943" and " Avengers"!

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  • IntenSePinda

    Major, When will the Skyrim deals be available? It’s supposed to be 50% off since yesterday, thank you for replying back.

    (BTW: Sorry for posting this question here, i couldn’t reply in the previous ‘Coming soon to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace’ topic.)


    • Angry Consumer

      those won’t be on sale this week, that’s why he changed the deals on the schedule


    • Liquidfx Xboxdude

      yeah they were fake. deals will continue to be horrible. don’t hold your breath for anything worthwhile. there is no team that come up with deals or else they wouldn’t be the same all the time. i love xbox but they are in it for the money and that is number one. making customers happy sometimes seems to be somewhere on the bottom of the list.


  • Chris Church

    So is this like games room and you have to pay for everything inside or is the 400 MS Points the one and only price you pay and with that you get loads of games. Seems very light of information.


    • MysticWeirdo

      I’ve read that there are going to be 5 packs of 3 games between now and May. The first one is 400, the rest will be 800 each. If you buy all 5 packs you’ll get 2 more games free.
      Once they’re all released there will also be an all in one pack for 2000 msp that contains all 17 games, I’m holding out for that.


      • Volitar Prime

        I’m also going to wait for the complete pack. I read somewhere that it is planned for May 21.


  • fried_egg

    Will this be another aborted “gamesroom” ? I have a few games on that but none really work with the xbox controller and a tv screen. dont know why but they just seem “dull” and on a bad shaped screen. Weird as they worked ok on a gamecube arcade pack. I wont be buying, im worried my xbox will “brick” once ms decide to move to the next one. The next one also doesnt interest me if it is 1) online all the time 2) cant run games as a stand alone machine – not that it will be offline but i want it to be possible so i control end of life 3) is more a tv cable box [i dont need it, i have cable], 4) pushes services that are better by cable or pc, 5) is more windows 8 design – i hate it, 6) has to have that awful waste of money kinect system which doesnt fit my lounge without stuff being moved [really wish i had not bought that rubbish] 7) is clunky like the current xbox360 interface. SO as I cant be sure i wont get a few months use out of anything I buy, with no news of the future, i’m not buying anything new.


    • Sinister Kahuna

      I too am wondering about the issue of my system being “bricked”… At the very least, I’m going to have to make up my mind on any 360 DLC that I want in the next few months before the pipe gets shut off like they did to the original Xbox.


      • ryder4life22187

        They won’t close Live down as quick like the xbox. They have people signed up for that 99 dollar xbox with the forced 2 year live plan.


      • Luke Es | sE ekuL

        They won’t close Live at all. They didn’t before. It’s here to stay as a platform. They cut off the compatibility code with 2001 hardware, for a system which can’t receive system updates. As long as they can patch the 360 to stay current, there’s no reason it will hold back the 720’s features.


      • Selective Blue

        Can you please elaborate on your idea that the 360 will be “bricked” once the next console comes out? 360 is my first xbox system so i wasnt around when “the pipe” got shut off. How long after 360 was released did that happen? (please dont make me do my own research, im feeling lazy:) is this likely to happen? ’cause if so, i need to watch what i buy for my 360 now as i have NO plans to buy the next xbox; for many of the same reasons fried_egg stated. i do intend on playing my 2 360s until they fall apart.


  • Trash

    Black Tiger is free on the PSN version. Is BT also free on the 360 version?


    • kingcrusher




    Does anyone know if these games will be sold seperately? We shouldn’t be forced to buy a pack with 3 games if there is even one game we don’t care for. Despite having these great classic capcom arcade games, if this is really how it is, I probably won’t be purchasing a single one.. Anyone have any info on this?


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