Unboxing the Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition

I thought you’d like to see what the Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition contains, so Meagan Marie from Crystal Dynamics and I rip into it and take a look at some other cool stuff from http://tombraiderstore.com

29 thoughts on “Unboxing the Xbox 360 Tomb Raider Collector’s Edition

      1. actually the specs are just rumored, I’ll trust the source when it’s an official one, same goes for the used games rumor. And Xbox Live is a much better online service than the PSN, something I don’t mind paying for.

      2. I must confess that the PS4 has captured my attention more so than Sony has in the past, I really liked the incorporation for Indie Devs to put their games on the market and you can’t beat free, but the social part of the Live I love. I wouldn’t like having to play a specific game to talk to my buddies, plus being hacked is a much lower probability. I’ve been an Xbox fan since the original but this is the year I might switch, but I’ll have to wait until some more info comes out about the new Xbox. 🙂

      3. the only thing stopping indie devs on ps3 is the fact that it is so hard to develop for, there are lots of indie game type games on psn now but other than journey, most get little fanfare.

        The hack wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be, and imo sony made up for it in a big way, everyone basically got free games and stuff, yea it sucks big time that people couldn’t play for over a month.

        I have been a fan of xbox since the original as well, it was awesome, but if you listen to past MS employees they even tell you that the xbox brand is pretty much dead, MS quit caring about games and gamers and only care about lining their pockets, I wouldn’t be surprised if the next xbox flops. if you look at the last 5 years or so, there have been few instances of MS making gamers happy.

      4. Even if its true (still just a rumor) — 50% more powerful doesn’t equal 50% better. We will have to wait and see what ‘cool’ new stuff the next Xbox will do before any real opinion can be made. I am betting of all current arcade titles transferring over & all Windows RT titles being playable on the Xbox. If I can play the same Arcade style game on my Phone, Tablet, PC and console… Microsoft will own me… If not, well I’ll be sticking with Android and being having to make a tough decision this Fall.

      5. No thank you kiddo, and next time get your facts straight as you clearly have no idea how incorrect you really are. Also you better brace for the possibility of your bare bones service costing you next gen. How else are they gonna support this Gaikai game streaming.

      6. 50% huh? The leaked Xbox specs and the ps4 specs are almost identical. Not to mention MS hasn’t said ONE word yet so you better believe if they felt anything was lacking after the ps4 reveal, they will bump said specs up to match or best it.

        There are stories flying around now that sony might be implementing some tiered platinum, gold, silver psn packages (possibly with tv like programing along w/ the gaikai service) so don’t expect anything good to be free anymore. No way sony can keep something like that free (plus they see how much MS has made and started kicking themselves in the face).

    1. Yeah, she’s very nice and very spontaneous. A real looker too ;).
      Nice to see Tomb Raider shaping up to be a very good release and I’ll be picking it up at release (though it won’t be the very nice CE as I’m on a tight budget).
      One thing though Major and this has been bugging me for quite some time now and it’s coming to a point where I can’t bear it anymore.
      Why won’t you do anything about the 2 trolls on this site?
      Russell, who appears to be a known criminal offender and Curtis Isabell are ruining your blog with their comments and you don’t seem to even care, what gives?
      Why won’t you just permaban them and give us Xbox fans piece of mind? Nobody comes here to see snarky troll remarks about how bad the Xbox 360 is or walls of text full of BS about the PS3 or PS4. We can go to N4G for that (where these 2 are known to hang out).
      For the love of God Major, put an end to it…or hire a moderator to do it for you.

      1. Should I lock it down? I’ve always had a blog where an open and honest conversation can take place…and they won’t chance. It’s just that some individuals like to extend that into something more. Thoughts?

      2. Nobody is telling you to shut/lock down the blog posts and everyone likes a healthy discussion about a subject. But the thing is Larry, they don’t incite discussion. They’re blatant trolls as they try to undermine everything MS does and make you look like the bad guys. Just look at the Halo maps post above and you’ll see I’m right once again.
        The BIG problem is that they do it in EVERY post that you make and often multiple times as well, that’s unacceptable and you should do something about it, either through warnings or simply permaban them as they are way over the limit of repeat offenders on several other forums.
        Or even funnier, but I don’t know if that’s possible on Disqus, modify their words into something positive every single time. Then they’ll stop soon enough. That’s why you need someone actively moderating at least once a day.

      3. There is at least one obvious offender who need to be banned. Otherwise it’s not an issue. I know Russell thrives off the heat, and we’re only feeding into it by discussing it. But ignoring it isn’t fixing it either. I don’t want this person to win by me leaving, but if nothing is going to be done about it then he wins that way as well. I think you’ve seen enough comments to know it’s time to bring out the ban hammer on this person. Many folks have chimed in on this now

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