Demo: Omerta – City of Gangsters Demo

OmertaContent: Omerta – City of Gangsters Demo
Dash Text: OMERTA – CITY OF GANGSTERS puts you into the boots of a fresh-from-the-boat immigrant with dreams of the big life. Work your way up the criminal hierarchy of 1920’s Atlantic City, starting with small jobs, recruiting new gang members and expanding your empire by taking territory from other mobsters. Establish your own crime syndicate and become the de facto ruler of Atlantic City! Features: – Under the Boardwalk – Conquer a historically accurate Atlantic City with 20 unique districts featuring real-world landmarks in a story-driven campaign or sandbox freeplay game – Craft a criminal empire – Strategic real-time gameplay for planning coups, expanding your territory, extorting the competition and bribing the authorities – Nobody move! It’s a robbery – Lead your henchmen into elaborately planned tactical combat as they pull off bank heists, robberies, street battles and more – Join the gang – 15 unique player-controlled characters each with distinct personalities, backgrounds, skills, equipment and “RPG-lite” development trees – Keep your friends close, and enemies closer – Competitive and cooperative online multiplayer modes with persistent gangs

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10 thoughts on “Demo: Omerta – City of Gangsters Demo

    1. I was hoping it was like Gangsters on the PC from back in the day. Sadly it is not. They failed with this game pretty much. To be honest it is just a $10 Live Arcade Title. I paid $50 new.
      If…big IF….they make a sequel it really needs to be like the PC Gangsters. I would go nuts over it.

  1. i rented this game from GameFly and after 10 minutes i was about to send it back and then i got into it. it is like simcity with action elements (they can be hard). it is pretty good. not $60 good but $20 good i would say. it really looks like it should have been an xbla title to me.

  2. just in time… a friend recommended it a day ago. I have to say It can be quite entertaining (for a budget title). Would recommend to anyone who liked UFO Enemy Unknown (XCOM).

  3. Omerta is a good example of a game that receives moderate-poor reviews, not because the premise or ideas are bad, but because the polish totally ruins the experience. You can really see that the reality of Haemimont being a small team with limited resources has affected the overall product.

    So, if you’re someone that can get through unpolished games – it’s actually boatloads of fun. Great atmosphere and some neat ideas. Definitely worth a $20 or $30 admission to support a small developer, imho.

    Al that said – if you hate games that have some technical blemishes (the worst being audio looping in mission briefs)., stay away.

    I just hope they get to make a sequel and bring some of the scale that you get in Tropico games.

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