Xbox 360 “Achievement Unlocked” sound as a visual

When I read what Born Of Sound was doing with audio I was intrigued. They take the mechanical vibrations of audio that we hear, but don’t normally see, and turn them into a visual is if they are traveling trough air. They call this a “sound-form

I contacted them and asked them to do a sound-form for the familiar Xbox 360 Achievement Unlocked Sound.  They came back with this ethereal image.

I’ve got a larger version of the image above on my Flickr if you want to use it as your device wallpaper, or you just want to get a closer look.  

Head over to their site to see a gallery of their work or you can get your own done

29 thoughts on “Xbox 360 “Achievement Unlocked” sound as a visual

    1. It’s really a powerful sound that’s embedded to our mind.
      I really hate the Gears of War Judgment commercial, it has the achievement sounds and I immediately look up at my TV in confusion thinking someone logged online.

  1. Yeah, now too bad, the SAME sound is used for friends popping online, downloads finishing, and everything it else. It REALLY needs to be unique. So I suggest changing the other notification sounds on the next Xbox.

  2. Hey Major 🙂 Could I recommend you change your iframe from: to ? This will stop the Achievment Unlocked sound from playing everytime someone a. goes to this page or b. Goes to the page on the blog archive which has this post (autoplay gets annpoying fast :P) Thanks!

  3. Unfortunately, I almost never hear that sound any more. The current system sounds are so horribly terribly lame suckage I had to turn them off. It would be SO nice to selectively enable just the Achievement sound, or to reset the system sounds to back to before, when they didn’t sound so incredibly wussed out.

  4. sorry but this sound suck, its the same sound for everything, message, friend invite, friend connected, disconected…I realy think that Achievment need a Better sound, an authentic sound, because its soo damn good when you are ready to ear this sound but… Hey Barry is connected….bhooouuu!! Achievment need his unique Sound.

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