Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising Game Add-On

Content: Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Uprising
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
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Dash Text: Season Pass owners should NOT purchase here and instead download in-game. Call of Duty®: Black Ops II Uprising includes four incredibly diverse Multiplayer Maps: Magma, Encore, Vertigo, and Studio: a reimagined adaptation of the fan-favorite Black Ops multiplayer map Firing Range. Uprising also introduces Mob of the Dead, Treyarch’s most terrifying Zombies experience to date. Top Hollywood talent rounds out a cast of four Prohibition-era gangsters that are forced to fend off hordes of the undead while imprisoned on San Francisco’s notorious Alcatraz Island. While guard towers and new weapons offer tactical advantages, survival offers an unprecedented new challenge for these four lost souls.

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Note: If you purchased the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass, download this content from within the game at no additional cost.

You’ll need a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II to use this game add-on

21 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising Game Add-On

  1. I know that this is unrelated but I have been unable to find an answer. Does anyone know if Injustice will be on game on demand on XBL today or anytime soon? Thanks.

    1. No bro, it might be on GoD but not soon. The reason is because they have an agreement with retail stores so the retail stores can sell first the physical copies of the games. For example, Halo ODST just went into GoD last week! In a perfect world, it could be on GoD in 2 months, but that´s not going to happen. I say at least 6 months, at least.

      1. Thanks. But I do not understand that. When I first got my X360 and PS3 2 years ago, I noticed that Street Fighter games would come on XBL as game on demand faster than PSN almost a year earlier. Also, I noticed that retail X360 games would be re-release as game on demand on XBL within like 3, 6, or 9 months. I spoke with Capcom and they said it is because it is easier to re-release X360 games on XBL than PS3 games on PSN because with X360 games all you need is just a date and with PS3 games you need additional development. However, with the PSN Day 1 program, the additional development needed are done from the beginning. That is why now a lot of P33 games came out on PSN on the same day as it was in the stores. So, now it is reserve. I got TTT2 on PSN before I got it on my XBL. I got DoA5 on PSN but it is not on XBL yet. And Injustice is coming out today on PSN but not on XBL. So, how can Sony violate the agreement with retail stores but Microsoft can not? Also, have they found any studies/research to support that digital games are killing retail games? Why is GameStop afraid of digital games? I think buying games digitally is a niche market.

      2. MS and Sony have different deals with different dev’s. Sony probably pays the dev’s some cash so they have the ability to do it right away and lock MS out. Just like how MS partners with Activision to always have CoD DLC first for a month.

        I do hope going into next gen that MS has a better lock on this as I really prefer digital downloads for the games I know I want to keep. If it’s a game I’m not 100% sure on I will buy on disc then trade it in (then again, depending on how things work next gen). I generally only buy games I know I will really enjoy and ignore the rest anyways.

        I also hope MS will let us add notes to friends GT’s in the future just because I’d like to put who the person is and what not. But anyways, I agree, I’d like to see more day 1 DD available for the next Xbox. It’s a slippery slope because you have to be careful with retailers, if you P them off you lose shelve space which isn’t good. It’s a house of cards and companies like MS have to be careful (same with every other company that sells items via retail stores).

      3. Wait, who has to be careful with retailers? Microsoft and Sony or the developers and publishers? Why would Microsoft or Sony care if a game is digital or physical? Also, why are retailers afraid of day 1 digital release?

      4. For what I heard, Gamestop could stop selling Xbox’s consoles and accessories. Microsoft makes a lot of profit with consoles, accessories and Xbox Live memberships and retailers are a very important part of their business. Retailers are afraid of digital copies because their best business is with used games and they can’t resell used games so they made an agreement with Microsoft where Microsoft has to delay the release date of games aaaand even sell digital copies in higher prices that the retailers.

      5. So why can Sony do it? Don’t Gamestop sell PS3’s consoles and accessories? I really do not know. I buy all my game stuff directly from Sony, Microsoft, Target, or Amazon.Gamestop does not have a 30 day no question ask return policy with no restocking fee therefore I do not use it.

      6. I’m not 100% sure about Sony, but IMO that might be related to the amount of profit Sony makes with a console… I think Sony makes a too little profit when they sell a console that it doesn’t bother them if GameStop stop selling Sony’s consoles. Or maybe is because Sony does have their own retail stores an Microsoft doesn’t so that gives them an advantage. In a perfect world, we should get digital copies of every game since day 1 AND cheaper than the physical copies. One day man, one day that is going to happen, just not soon lol.

      7. Well, thanks. I am going to buy it on PSN in a few hours. Microsoft lost my money. I brought TTT2 and DOA from PSN too because it was digitally on PS3 before X360. But I brought SSF4 and SFxT from XBL because it was digitally on X360 first. I guess either way, I win and Gamestop always loses. Thanks though.

      8. As I stated above, it’s not EVERY game that sony has out day one, it’s just a few here and there. It’s also different if it’s a first party vs. a third party game. It’s still a ways off from every game being out as day one DD and on retail shelves but I bet the next gen XBL will have a lot more of this.

        They listen to the fans and are dumping everything they have into making the changes we all hope to get. We will just have to wait and see what they wanted to do first for the next systems launch. Plus like I said, I bet sony paid a nice chunk of change to get those day one downloads (of have to do some major favors for those dev’s, but that’s just how it works).

        But I do agree, MS really needs to take note and offer more of that the next time around. It still won’t make me buy a ps4 as I’m not interested in it at all (and have played and beaten 1-3 in their exclusives and I can totally live without them).

      9. Ok, let us use me as an example. I want digital versions of my game. Regardless whenever the game comes out, I am going to buy the digital version. Therefore, Gamestop is not gaining or losing my sale. I am willing to wait until it comes out on digital. Microsoft will be losing my sale because I am going to buy it on PS3 instead of my X360. I think the digital game market is a niche and the people who buy digital games probably won’t have brought the physical version.

      10. But you have to consider that the biiiiiiiiig majority of the people prefer buying physical copies. BUT If Microsoft put a digital copy day 1 and cheaper than the retail store, people is going to buy the digital copy because its more comfortable to do and cheaper, but if they are for the same price, people would prefer to have the box and manual.

        Also, you have to consider all GameStop’s employees and what could happen if GameStop starts to lose money and how that could affect the economy.

      11. Because people don’t just go to the store to just buy a video game. They want you to come in and shop, meaning buying other stuff along with a possible game sale. The more digital downloads the less people go to the store to buy the game that they make a decent % on.

        If people don’t show support for the retailers, they will get angry, pull your product off the shelves or severely cut the space the product gets and push the competitors even more. This is what is called the “chain effect”. I don’t buy many games at retail stores but it’s a huge kick to the junk to MS if Walmart stops stocking Xbox systems, accessories and games (as an example).

        Digital sales will never be 100% but it’s constantly growing by huge margins every year and retailers are already saying they feel the sting from it and it will continue to get worse. Point being, sony and MS need retail on their sides to help move product. I’m sure we will start seeing more day one digital versions for certain games.

        Trust me, I’d prefer it all be DD as I could care less for physical media but that’s just me.

      12. Well, thanks. I am going to buy it on PSN in a few hours. Microsoft lost my money. I brought TTT2 and DOA from PSN too because it was digitally on PS3 before X360. But I brought SSF4 and SFxT from XBL because it was digitally on X360 first. I guess either way, I win and Gamestop always loses. Thanks again.

  2. I wish all of the map packs would come out on all of the platforms at the same time. I hate having to wait for map packs and other DLC just because Microsoft wants to have an “edge” by paying for them to have DLC first.

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