Pizza Hut on Xbox; Gold Unlocked for Select Sports Apps this weekend

Check out the latest apps launching this week on Xbox LIVE and the details behind this weekend’s Gold unlock for some of our sports apps.

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Xbox LIVE Gold Unlocked for Select Sports Apps (United States, Canada)
It’s that time of year when sports on TV is at a yearly high and this weekend, we’re really excited that several popular sports apps will be unlocked from Gold from April 25 – 28 for Xbox LIVE subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. More details below.

ESPN: Start the weekend with full live coverage and highlights of the NFL Draft and sports around the world on ESPN.**

MLB.TV: Watch over 50 free MLB games with MLB.TV and personalize the experience by selecting your favorite teams. No MLB.TV subscription required!

UFC: Gear up for the big UFC 159 PPV matchup of Jones vs. Sonnen by watching all 7 fight stories for free.**

NHL GameCenter: Enjoy highlights, recaps, and clips from the best of the NHL as teams jockey for position leading into the NHL Playoffs.**

NBA Game Time: Enjoy highlights and recaps of first round coverage of the NBA Playoffs throughout the weekend.**

If you already have a subscription to any of these sports packages, this weekend is the perfect time to try it out on your Xbox. Love NHL GameCenter but can’t stand watching it on a tiny computer screen? Now’s the time to check it out on the big screen. Want to take your NBA fandom to the next level? Try it on Xbox and with SmartGlass on your phone or tablet for the second screen experience you’ve been missing.

Pizza Hut (United States)

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is launching the first-of-a-kind ordering app, allowing Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. to purchase pizza, wings, pasta and more from Xbox 360. The full menu, including new products, can be ordered from the Xbox LIVE dashboard and operated using an Xbox 360 controller or hand gestures and voices commands via Kinect for Xbox 360. Hungry? Customers who download and place an order through the Pizza Hut app by May 6 will receive 15 percent off their purchase.

Here’s how it works:

Set up an account: Download the Pizza Hut app via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Browse full menu: Cruise through the complete list of menu offerings to score delicious pizza, pasta and wings from your local Pizza Hut

Get local deals: Offers in your area pop up on the home screen for great deals on all your Pizza Hut favorites

Build custom pizzas: Scroll through the app to build a customized pizza

CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada (Canada)


CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada keeps you connected to the game you love with Xbox.* Watch live games and stay up-to-date with special in-game features designed especially for you. We’ve got you covered even if you miss a game with near instant 3-minute highlight packs after the game and a Weekly Top 5 that helps you talk about the great save, amazing goal or hard-hitting action. CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada on Xbox is a new way to enjoy the traditional game.

Hulu PLUS Update (United States, Japan)

Hulu Plus TU

Hulu Plus* becomes more kid friendly with a new discovery experience for kids. In addition to “Shows You Watch” and “Most Popular” categories, parents can search movies and TV shows by age group. Also check out the three new “Twists” for Kids, Latino and Trailers with improved discovery and content.

*Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be required and sold separately. For additional details and availability, see

**Additional cable or service subscription required.


  • Ira Baldwin

    I can’t get the pizza hut app to order the pizza. It says no location Id found


    • Robert Muller

      Same here bro. Weak.


    • Xhawk27

      Do you have a pizza hut in your area?


    • ThisNameIsBogusJustLikeMyEmail

      I was having the same issue. I fixed it by changing my order from Delivery to In-Store Pickup, selecting a store, and then after it changes that switch back to Delivery.


    • Arik Cotton

      same here.


    • Hardcore_gamer

      Pretty pointless if you ask me ., somebody already reviewed the app and encountered the same thing ” No Location No Id found ” at the end nobody even had a answer for him ( for the errors he was getting )


  • Lee Rayson (DarkGin87)

    Pizza Hut app that’s a bit lazy don’t you think?


  • Rohan Mayers

    Thanks. But I think we all want the Skype app. Thats what we are waiting for.


  • Sean

    This is literally so ridiculous.

    I must try it!!!


  • ElektroDragon

    I want a Papa John’s app! I know all you MS folks love Papa John’s over in Redmond. Make it happen!


  • Dan Etheridge

    I want an app so I can order from my local Chinese takeaway.


  • GMAN73

    Is it not quicker to pick up the phone instead of using a laggy pile of garbage


    • Xhawk27

      But not as fun though. lol


  • Abraham Wilson

    did you know that other countries have pizza hut as well


  • Chris Raff

    That is not the fault of MS or Xbox, but rather the fault of the providers in your area. Do you really think that MS does not want to make money off of you? If they were able to provide you with the service they would. Instead of complaining to MS complain to the provider.


  • Adinnieken

    Major – Please don’t let it take 4 more years for the ability to order Jimmy Johns from Xbox LIVE. A Freak Fast, Freak Good app would be much appreciated!


  • Boe2

    And as a European, I ask ask you: Do you really care?

    This is a nice publicity stunt, but let’s be honest: Would you quit your current game and launch this app to order pizza, then start your game again, with a phone/tablet lying next to you?

    Wait for next-gen for this sort of stuff, and let’s hope some of those windows 8 app rumours are true.


  • Guest

    The CW App is like the VUDU App where if you’re using a regular [old fashioned] TV set with Widescreen it’ll lock up your Console and the only way to get rid of the screen is by unplugging it. Please fix it! It’s Annoying!!


  • Viby Slim

    Why are these app´s not in Europe/Scandinavia ??? we need all these app´s too , damn region


  • GMAN73

    The idiots at the Xbox division getting their priorities wrong again, hey lets focus on more stupid useless apps instead of games. Idiots.


  • GMAN73

    Larry just resign from Xbox please, you, Don and Kudo have ruined the Xbox brand,


  • GMAN73

    Really pathetic that you need to be Gold to order a pizza, this would not happen with PS3 why because Sony would not have a stupid dumb app like this in the 1st place.


  • consolesblow

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! i can order pizza now. Xbox is the sh*t. i cant wait to see what new apps come out when Infinity does.


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